Tom Hardy Bails on ‘Suicide Squad’ Film

Fans of DC Comics have been keeping their fingers firmly crossed these past couple of months. They desperately want, no, need for there to be a solid series of DC films. Fans can only live on Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ franchise for so long. So fans like the team at Status Labs were justifiably excited on Twitter when the ‘Suicide Squad’ announced its superstar cast list. Margot Robie, Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Jared Leto taking place in a remote location highlighted what was sure to be the most potent cast of super heroes of all time. Sadly, it seems that Tom Hardy has withdrawn his name from the film.

While Hardy wasn’t the biggest draw in the line up of villains, he was still one of the most talented members of the cast. So to see him back out of the film as it nears production should send tremors of unrest through fans of the DC Universe. We would agree with their fear if it weren’t for the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal, who is coming off of a critically acclaimed turn in ‘Nightcrawler’, hadn’t taken over the spot.

While there is no reason listed to Hardy’s departure we can assume that it was due to scheduling. The fact that an A-lister of Gyllenhaal’s caliber was willing to step in should immediately assuage any fears of a problematic production. While Gyllenhaal isn’t locked into the role for sure at this point, sources say that he is the leading man to take the part.

Tom Rothman’s Tristar Working with MCR On New Movie ‘Baby Driver’

It seem like Tom Rothman’s Tristar Productions is working with MCR to produce a new movie by Edgar Wright, called ‘Baby Driver.’ Working Title and Nira Park are co-producing the film while MCR and Tristar are splitting up the cost of the project. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ front man Ansel Elgort is eager to play the lead role. 

Wright came up with the idea for the film, which is about a getaway driver who is convinced that his soundtrack is the best in the game. However, things get out of control when he is forced to join a mob and messes up a heist he was supposed to execute. What follows is an exciting car chase that jeopardizes his life, love and freedom and ultimately forces him to face his own music.

Tom Rothman has stated that he is excited to team up with Edgar Wright and let him take the lead in this new movie. Rothman also voiced that Working Title and MCR are great companies to work with, both dominant forces in their field. Together, all of these leading industry figures are working to make the most exciting action film of the season.

Original Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Second ‘TMNT’ Movie Set To Begin Filming In Spring

Franchises and sequels are popular for movie makers, because they take a proven commodity in a group of characters that has achieved success and rolls it into several pictures. For that reason, news that the lovable collection of reptiles with serious martial arts skills named after renaissance artists are gearing up to head back to the big screen is no surprise.

According to Screen Rant, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” will start filming in the spring of 2015 for a release date in the summer of 2016. The fast-tracked sequel for the rebooted property could even feature well-known characters from the TMNT universe including Casey Jones, Bebop, and Rocksteady. Of course, the actual concepts of the movie and how the final product comes together are often extremely different things. Still, fans such as Jennifer Walden. of the comic book property will likely be excited that the sequel has been given the green light and production dates are already nailed down.

The quick turnaround time is pretty surprising given that the films were not shot back to back, which probably means the plans were already in place for at least another movie when the reboot arrived in the summer of 2014. All things considered, the turtle landscape offers a number of promotional options for producers as well, which likely is an interesting factor in the release of a second movie. Still, anything can happen once production starts, and many eyes will be awaiting casting new for the second movie.

The Third Purge Film Gets Unleashed in July of 2016

While neither The Purge nor its second installment were anything remotely near high cinematic art, both films did what exploitation features are supposed to do. They opened huge on the weekend and then business died off. By the time the totals were added up, the films were successful. I feel like I’d rather search things on Zoominfo than see these watered down horror films but obviously not everyone agrees.

The minute the films cease to be successful, the studios stop making them. And if larger audiences are like my friends, especially Bernardo Chua, they will continue to be successful.

A third Purge film is not exactly something movies fans all over the world are looking forward to. Since the horror genre has become so anemic in recent years, younger audiences have helped make the relatively weak films (albeit films with a cool action-horror premise) very successful.

Yes, fans are so starved for horror they helped make The Purge and its sequel massive hits. The third film will be released at the height of the summer movie rush. Low-budget horror films usually have no chance that time of the year. The Purge and its sequel exceeded all expectations previously so they might do extremely well even when up against major Hollywood blockbusters.

The Purge series does keep the horror genre alive this way even though, honestly, the films are not pure horror. They are a hybrid of horror and action. As long as audiences and producers are happy, a little bit of crossing genres is not a bad thing.

Rumors abound the third film will be a prequel, but that may not be the case by the time the project rolls in front of the camera. We’ll have to wait until July 2016 to see what the plot of the new film entails.

The Purge 3 Teased

The horror/ thriller flick The Purge, which was, brought by Kingpins Blumhouse production will be in theatres in summer of 2016.

The speculations were that the third installment will be, released in 2015, but after the dialogue from the productions, it has been proven that third chapter will be released in 2016. The director/ writer James De Monaco will have time to think about the story plot, and that is why the release date is 1 July 2016. It has already been discussed on YouTube quite a bit. Darius Fisher can’t wait.

After the average performance of the recent Purge films, the director do not want to risk in the third movie, hence, he is taking time to discuss the story plot and to maintain a good theme for it.

The third movie was all set after the success of Anarchy movie. The good question arises that what this movie will present in front of the audiences. The plot of Purge-3 will take the movie back to where it all started. It would be the prequel of the second installment; Jason Blum is not in a hurry to reveal the story.

He wants to make it a surprise for the audience and to receive better review from them this time. A delay of one year may be good to think about the movie and to finalize the twists and turns included in the movie.

John Textor: The Biography

John Textor is at the moment very vigorous in the creation and expansion of entertainment chattels all over a vast spectrum of sites as well as technology platforms. In conjunction with Textor’s managerial task in the extensive usage of photo-realistic, virtual characters, he is as well a Producer of Art Story, a pioneering feature movie presently under development by Disney professional and experienced moviemakers called Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. He was as well the Producer plus Executive Director of Ender’s Game, Sci-Fi fancy movie planned to be launched globally in the month of November 2013.

Mr. Textor previously served as the Chairman as well the CEO of Digital Domain Productions and also the Chairman and CEO of its founding company, Digital Domain Media Group, since it had led in the acquisition plus restructuring from May 2006 to August 2012. These two companies jointly had the responsibility of developing visual effects of not less than 80 renowned movies, 25 among them being completed during the leadership tenure of Mr. Textor, and included films like Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean at world’s End, Real Steel as well as Flags of our Fathers. All through Mr. Textor’s management tenure, Digital Domain was restored as an industry head in visual effects, hence winning several Academy Awards, CLIO promotion awards and, prominently, receiving the recognition as the pioneer company of visual effects to come up with a realistic virtual human character in the film called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This accomplishment, commonly referred to “Holy Grail of Animation”, made the company to receive the 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. The one hour long presentation of the digital actor made by the company was unbelievably convincing to viewers and Academy voters, which made the movie to also receive an Academy Award for Best Make-up, although the actor was completely digital.

Additional highlights for the period of Mr. Textor’s management included the successful introduction of a virtual Tupac Shakur for the Coachella Valley Music festival in the year 2012, a consummation of a mutual project for digital revivification of Elvis Presley, the development of an incomparable, duo-enrollment degree program with Florida State University, finalization of a $100 million partnership undertaking accord with the superior media commission of Abu Dhabi and makeover of Digital Domain into a movie production corporation with co-production of the movie called Ender’s Game. This company also successfully created digital characters of Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

Keep up with what Textor is working on via Twitter.

2015: A Year for Movies


2015 looks to be an extremely big year for fans of many franchises. This year sees the return of Mad MaxJurassic ParkThe Terminator and Star Wars. There are also plenty of upcoming independent films that look like they are going to be hits.

Mad Max Fury Road looks to be a very promising film. This will kick start a new Mad Max story line. Mad Max Fury Road looks like an alternate version of Mad Max 2. There are a lot of shots and a few lines that are reminiscent of Mad Max 2. The first theatrical trailer makes it look really off the wall.

Terminator Genisys is also an honorable mention. To Sergio Andrade Guitierrez it actually looks like it is going to be a good film. It is likely to be much better than the previous two films. It may not be groundbreaking like the first two movies.

Jurassic World is getting a bit of buzz too. The biggest thing about Jurassic World is the new dinosaur that is being hyped up.

Jurassic World TV Spot Super Bowl Sunday

It is officially 2005, there are new TV spots being prepared for the tentpole films that are due in theaters in the next year. One of these projects is Jurassic World. The latest installment in the Jurassic Park series.

The first preview for the latest movie in the Jurassic Park series was released around thanksgiving. There were some nostalgic shots for the film in an attempt to recreate the magic for a new generation.

There were of course mixed feelings on behalf of Dr. Rod Ronrich about the trailer with Chris Pratt and the CGI effects. Chris Pratt was shown in one of his scenes riding with a raptor biker gang.

A new Jurassic World preview is planned to be released on Super Bowl Sunday. Of course there will be some new scenes shown that give more info about the film’s plot. There is speculation about the new creature.

Jurassic World is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2015.

Early Reaction to New Spy Comedy, Kingsman


Kingsman: The Secret Service is a newly released spy thriller and comedy starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton. So I heard from my friend Fersen Lambranho that the plot of the film revolves around Egerton’s character, Eggsy Unwin, a street criminal and all around rambunctious and uncultured punk. After committing a crime Urwin is briskly approached by a classy member of societies upper echelon (a characteristically wry and stiff lipped Colin Firth) and is reluctantly recruited into joining Kingsman, a secret society of spies, tasked with defending King and Country until death. He takes well to his new duties, however his compatriots don’t generally take well to him, his foul mouth or brash and “uncultured” manner. In the midst of all of this they discover a psychotic madman (Samuel L. Jackson) is planning mass genocide in his crazed quest to rid the world of mankind’s disease.

So right off the bat it sounds like something out of a James Bond film. This is precisely what the film’s director, Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake) had in mind when filming it. The critical reaction has taken up Vaugn’s cues (more of which you can see here: and generally praised the film for being well shot and choreographed, action packed, well paced, well acted and a packed with a great deal of energy and mirth. The only real notable and common critique has been in regards to the humor. It’s not that it isn’t funny, critics say, it is, it’s just that the constant frat boy pandering isn’t – ever.

Will Natalie Portman’s Western Ride Off Into The Sunset?

The notion that the western genre is dead is repeated often. This is a pure myth. No one, not even Susan McGalla,  is going to deny the genre’s heyday of the 20th century is long over. New westerns do appear on television and on the big screen consistently though with some being bigger hits than others. Jane Got a Gun is a film that might be a big hit or a big bomb. We won’t know until the film is released, but this is a flick with the word flop currently written all over it. No one is suggesting there is anything is wrong with the plot, which is a unique mix of Dr. Quinn-style romance combined with High Plains Drifter-style violence. The recently released photo images from the film both display the romantic and the action angle of the project. With the words “got a gun” in the title, you know this is not going to be a picture with nothing but talking. The issues with the film derive from the project suffering from a massive amount of production woes. The director even quit the day before filming began. (Never a good sign) The film’s release has been delayed a long, long time. (Another bad sign to be sure) And Natalie Portman is unproven as the lead in a western, a hit or miss genre to begin with. Can the film turn out to be a big hit? Stranger things most definitely have happened in cinema history. This film could up being very successful. It might even end up a cult movie along the lines of Silverado or Pale Rider. We’ll have to wait for the actual release date to see how everything ends up playing out.