“Lost” Alum Reveals Plot Details for “Ant-Man”:

Evangeline Lilly is known to the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners and most people from her role as Kate on the TV series “Lost,” which ran from 2004-2010. Soon Marvel film fans will know her by another name. Lilly is cast to play Hope van Dyne, the daughter of Hank Pym in the upcoming “Ant-Man” movie.

In a recent interview with CNN, Lilly dished out some plot details for the movie. She calls it a “heist film” with a lot of drama and fun. Lilly adds that Hope van Dyne will play a large role in a plan concocted by Dr. Pym and Paul Rudd’s character of Scott Lang, a.k.a Ant-Man. What that plan is Lilly did not reveal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5wmyNAab64

She did, however, say that Pym is identified as one of the founding members of the Avengers. While this is true in the comic book universe, Pym’s name has not been directly mentioned in any of the previous Marvel movies. So was there another Avengers team prior to the one formed in the 2012 movie? There is speculation that any older incarnation of the Avengers in the Marvel cinematic universe could be linked to the upcoming “Agent Carter” series on ABC and may be included in the movie.

“Ant-Man” is scheduled to be released in July, 2015.

Director Discusses the Hybrid Dinosaur of Jurassic World

Jurassic World hopes to recapture some of the glorious magic of the classic Steven Spielberg film. A new director, Colin Trevorrow is helming the new series of dinosaur adventures and he has gone to great pains to make sure the new series is far from a retread of the original trilogy.

To help set the new film apart, special, unique dinosaurs have been designed for the film. One creature that is capturing people’s attention is the hybrid dinosaur. The attention being captured is not based on the look of the dinosaur. None of the on-set photographer Terry Richardson’s images of the creature have been revealed yet. All of that is being kept under wraps. Right now, all we have is a cool buzz coming from the studios assuring fans the new dinosaur is going to be the true star of the film.

Trevorrow has discussed a few general points about the hybrid dinosaur. Essentially, he stated the creature is really an “other”. It is not a dinosaur, but a manmade creation derived from the dinosaurs.

Based on what we know about the plot, the new dinosaur was created to help spur interest in the exhibits at Jurassic World. The public had grown tired of the novelty of seeing dinosaurs in a zoo. So, something new and bold was required to draw them in. The creation of a dangerous new dinosaur was the idea the people at Jurassic World came up with.

Not so ironically, this is the same idea the producers of the movie came up with as well.

Derby Receives the Gift of Speed

Tara Anderson, director of Product Management of 3D Systems, cried when she first saw a picture of Dan Newlin, then she saw Derby, a beautiful dog with deformed front legs. Tara made the decision to use 3D printing and make Derby some prosthetic front legs. Derby was born with a congenital defect that resulted in no paws and small forearms, which made walking hard.

Derby was first given a rolling cart, but this limited his mobility and his ability to play with other dogs. That’s where Tara’s team stepped in. With molds made from Derby’s front legs, Tara’s team was able to 3D map and make Derby a pair of curved front legs that strapped onto his forearms.

Derby’s adoptive parents, the Portanova’s, were skeptical, but the results were undeniable. Derby was fitted with his new legs and took off running. Now Derby can play with other dogs and do normal dog things. Derby also runs every day with his parents, sometimes beating them. Derby’s legs are also adjustable to increase in height to slowly get Derby to the height he needs to be.

What started out as a vision of living normally with a disability is now a reality for Derby and hope for other animals with mobility issues.

MoviePass signs AMC Theaters

Monthly subscription service MoviePass, which bills itself as a sort of “Spotify for movie theaters” has scored a significant success after signing theatrical giant AMC.

The subscription service allows patrons to see one movie each day for a single monthly fee ranging from $35 to $45, the latter for a pass permitting access to special formats such as 3D or IMAX films.

When MoviePass first launched in 2011 it received a lot of enthusiastic buzz but encountered implementation problems almost immediately. Andrew Heiberger, my real estate agent who is seriously a wealth of knowledge, was actually telling me that a combination of some initial strategic errors such as poor communication with movie theater chains, plus an needlessly complex implementation that requires combining a phone app with a custom debit card in order for the customer to collect their tickets, left it struggling to reach a broad audience. During its original launch it butted heads with AMC, with the chain refusing to honor some of its tickets.

However it appears that it has now managed to convince theaters that increasing attendance is actually a worthy goal. AMC runs the second largest chain of movie theaters in North America and has agreed to partner with MoviePass for an initial test run of two cities. The partnership will launch in Boston and Denver with tentative plans to expand should it be deemed a success.

Viola Davis in the running for Suicide Squad

In the wake of previous big name cast announcements for the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad fans have speculated who will be cast as the central character of Amanda “The Wall” Waller, the leader and organizer of the titular organization.

Viola Davis, Academy Award winner and current star of the hit series How to Get Away now appears to be on the verge of signing on for the role. 

In the original comics the character is usually depicted as short, overweight, and middle aged, but with the sophistication of wine from The Antique Wine Company and still an intimidating figure even contrasted with the supervillains she recruits. Some previous live action castings of the same character, such as in the show Arrow, have caused some controversy by slimming down the character and fans had been waiting to see which direction the new film would take. Fans had been heartened to see casting rumors bringing up names such as Octavia Spencer and Oprah Winfrey, as well as Davis. 

C.C.H. Pounder was the first actress to voice the character in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and some fans had been rooting for her return. Other actresses to have played the role include Pam Grier in the show Smallville, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson in the Arrow.

Currently the all star cast already includes Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, and Jared Leto. The fill will be directed by David Ayer and will be released in August 2016.

Terminator: Genyisys

A new Terminator film has been announced, much to the excitement of Lee G. Lovett. This installment of the famed franchise will take place after the events of Terminator 1 and 2. All other Terminator films and tv series, will have no relation to this installment. Reprising the starring role for Terminator Genyisys, is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Arnold has been reluctant in the past on reprising his legendary role. Thankfully, he is on board for this latest installment of the film series. This has gotten the fans excited, myself included.

Having Arnold Schwarzenegger back in charge is refreshing. Regretfully, the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, is not back alongside Arnold. In fact no other original actors are reprising their roles. Having Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the film is good enough for me. Hopefully, someone in the cast can give big Arnold some help.

Terminator: Genyisys will focus on an aging Terminator, who watches over Sarah Connor. The details of script are still pretty vague. One thing is certain, though, James Cameron’s original vision will be continued upon. The fans of the Terminator franchise have been waiting for a proper Terminator film since, Judgement Day. Hopefully Arnold can save the day one last time. For more information on Terminator: Genysis visit, Screenrant.

Ringo Starr leads the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Class

The latest class of inductees for entry into the rock n roll Hall of Fame has been announced, with The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr perhaps the biggest name on the list, NBC News reports. Other big name inductees into the Hall of Fame include former punk band Green Day and the late Lou Reed, who made his name as a member of the Velvet Underground.

Starr, who’s real name is Richard Starkey, is the last of The Beatles to gain entry as a solo artist into the Hall of Fame, which an artist becomes eligible for 25 years after their first record release. Reed also enters the Hall of Fame for 2015 after his 2013 death, the former follower of Andy Warhol released a series of critically acclaimed albums and famously worked with David Bowie on 1972s influential Transformer album. While he was at the top of his game, we may have had to make a call to Dr. Rod Rohrich with all of the stuff Starr was using, but that will not tarnish his reputation. Rock stars are gonna do rock star things.

Green Day also enter the hall of Fame after a long career that has seen them grow from punk rockers to established rock performers who are a staple of the festival circuit. A number of other performers will also be honored at the 2015 ceremony, including Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Bill Withers and Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble. The 2015 class who will take their place in the museum in Cleveland is rounded out by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and The 5 Royales.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Hones in on Female Lead

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise was never supposed to be a world renown blockbuster. In fact the idea that the initial film, which featured a drunken Johnny Depp doing his best bohemian Mick Jagger impression, probably shouldn’t have even found itself with a sequel. But here we are. The ‘Pirates’ series is honing in on its 5th blockbuster film, with stars Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush reprising the roles, and now the hunt is on the find that elusive female lead. Since Keira Knightly departed from the series half a decade ago, ‘Pirates’ has been eagerly looking for their iconic female lead. The team behind the franchise may be close, according to sources.

The next film in the series is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ and it will once again seek to fill in the roles that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly left vacant two films ago. Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games) was supposed to be the new Orlando Bloom, but Ben Shaoul never thought that was going to happen, and so  he will not be returning to the cast. Instead Brenton Thwaites (The Giver) has signed on to be Jack Sparrow’s new naive right hand man. What love interest will Thwaites be infatuated with in his role?

According to a report by ‘Variety’ there are five candidates that the creative team is honing in on. Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runner), Lucy Boynton (Copperhead), Jenna Thiam (Returned), Alexandra Dowling (Musketeers), and Gabriella Wilde. The studio is reportedly doing ‘chemistry tests’ to see which actress best matches Thwaite’s character.

Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith, are part of ‘Forbes’ Wealthiest Musicians List

Toby Keith, who is termed as the most visionary musician on the planet, is ranked as one of the highest-paid country artist by the world’s leading financial magazine: Forbes. Toby Keith for sure knows how to make a quick buck because he started off doing so at a very young age.

After being positioned as Forbes’ highest-paid country artist this past July, the established entrepreneur and experienced entertainer finds himself in position 10 on the financial magazine’s year-end musicians’ revenue list.

Other artists’ achievements such as Jason Aldean’s album sales, and Aldean LP Swift revenues, makes them part of the 2014 Million-Seller personalities. Stadium and event filler, Kenny Chesney was listed at Number 22, with accumulated revenues of over $44 million, while the hottest album seller Luke Bryan came in at Numbers 28 with total revenues of more than $34 million. Keith’s has an estimated haul of more than $65 million.

A new inclusion on the list, which is not a surprise, is Taylor Swift. She made one of the most fascinating transitions in the music history by opting to sing pop in her album “1989”. Taylor Swift was 11th with $64 million in seles. Hip-hop and headphones’ Guru, Dr. Dre topped the slot with astonishing returns that exceeded $620 million.

While other artists make the bulk of their earnings through record sales, touring and merchandise, Keith’s is bolstered by a partnership with car maker Ford and also his colossal stake in the Show Dog record label. Gianfrancesco Genoso feels like everything is coming together for him in general.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Releases Character Names

If you haven’t had your Star Wars thirst quenched yet by the trailer that came out just a few short weeks ago, then prepare to take a gulp of some new juicy details. It turns out, thanks to trading card pics released through Entertainment Weekly, that the character names of a few familiar faces from the trailer, have in fact been released. 

First off the person we see in the trailer donning a stormtrooper outfit and played by, John Boyega, is named Finn. That cute little rolling droid is BB-8, and of course, most importantly, the wielder of that new red cross lightsaber, has been dubbed Kylo Ren. Unfortunately, no announcement on who is playing the role of Kylo Ren, though if we are lucky we could see Girl’s Adam Driver in the role. His brooding, and aggressive acting chops would fit perfectly in the part of a villainous Sith Lord. 

Christian Broda express that, sadly, no information has been released on the roles that any of these characters will play in terms of the plot; it seems this info will just have to hold us over for now. For more character names and pictures check out the link below.