Ant Man Movie Still Remains Mysterious

There isn’t much information about the new Marvel film Ant-Man available. The film is due out on July 15, and not much is known about any cameo appearances by other Marvel superheros, plot secrets, or much about the film at all. The first director, Edgar Wright, left the project, and director Peyton Reed took it over. Reed did say that he tried to put his stamp on the film by making it darker than the original script. Ant-Man is played by Paul Rudd according to Steve Murray. Yellowjacket, an Ant-Man villain who was originally a woman in the comic books, is played by Darren Cross in the film. It seems that the movie is actually about the second Ant-Man from the comics, Scott Lang, and not the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. In the comics, Lang was a criminal who was reformed, but in an effort to save his sick daughter he stole the Ant-Man suit from Pym. Pym forgives him and allows him to keep the suit if he uses it for good rather than for personal gain. The plot to the film, however, is unknown.

Matthew McConaughey Could Play Norman Osborn in Spider Man Reboot

With the casting of Spider Man Reboot going on, fresh rumors are spinning the rumor mills. The latest rumor suggests that Matthew McConaughey might be up for playing the role of Norman Osborn. Marvel, at least, seems pretty interested in the ‘Interstellar’ actor whose acting prowess is known to one and all. However, if you are not a fan of McConaughey, you might be interested in certain other actors who would be perfect for the role – stated Christoph Waltz – Waltz would be right for playing Osborn and it would be interesting to see him turn into Green Goblin.

Javier Bardem – With his role in Skyfall, Bardem has established himself as one of the best villains in Hollywood right now. He is quirky and is not shy of experimenting which is exactly why he should play the role.

Mark Strong – Mark Strong is an impressive actor who has played both good and bad roles. He recently appeared in Kingsman as the endearing ‘Merlin’ while Sherlock Holmes fans might remember him as ‘Lord Blackwood’ from the Robert Downey Jr. movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio – As a sideways move, Marvel could also go for Leonardo DiCaprio. At least they would be sure about one thing – the movie getting nominated for an Oscar.

Other interesting choices could be Ed Norton, Tom Hiddleston, Sam Rockwell, Cillian Murphy and Lee Pace. The choices are many for this great role and fans hope that Marvel makes its choice after much deliberation.

And Now We Get A Glimpse Of Frank Grillo’s Crossbones

A cool photo has emerged from the Captain America: Civil War set and it reveals the look of the villain Crossbones. Frank Grillo returns in the role he debuted in the previous Captain America film, but this time he makes a full turn as a costumed villain. In the photo, audiences get a nice glimpse at what the brutal mercenary actually looks like. The imagery of the villain does make fans of Marvel films look forward to seeing the “First Avenger” battle the vindictive mercenary.

Crossbones is not exactly an “A-list” villain nor is he a character that has been part of the Captain America mythos for decades and decades. As a solid supporting villain, Crossbones does his job fine according to STX Entertainment. The costume of Crossbones does change a bit throughout the film. In the released image, the suit is beefed up and looks like a mix between Iron Man and The Punisher.

In a lot of ways, Crossbones is the modern comic book villain. The old school, 1960’s style of super-villain is a bit corny by modern standards. This is why they end up being tweaked quite a bit when transplanted to the silver screen. With the more recent comic book villains, there is a gritty, realistic edge that does not have to be changed all that much. You could say Crossbones is that very real character that gets his hands (and mask) dirty and that does have an appeal with audiences. Comic book movies need a lot of action and a villain like Crossbones delivers it.

Characters Competing for Screen Time in the Latest Avengers Movie

The latest Avengers movie had a huge opening weekend, and it continues raking in money in subsequent weekends around the world. It is a thrill ride that takes a backseat to no other action movie that has come out recently. It has all the returning characters and a few new ones. The new ones include Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. This ensemble gave director Joss Whedon a cast of well over a half a dozen main characters that he had to give adequate screen time to both for the characters fans and actor egos and demands. An article has come out recently in which the screen time of each of the major players in the movie was revealed.

That Captain America and Iron Man received the most was not all that surprising. Robert Downey Jr. was the most high profile of all the cast coming into this movie having acted for a couple decades now. With Captain America, his character is sort of their leader, so it follows that he would have loads of screen time. Thor got shafted a bit with not even 15 minutes of time, but some had to have their time cut down with so many main characters. Of the new superhero characters, Vision got screwed as he only made it on screen for about eight and a half minutes of the movie. I have a feeling they don’t have to worry. With the wild success of this latest Avengers movie, there will be plenty of sequels for everyone to get more appearances in.

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Hot Pursuit Opening Tomorrow

Reece Witherspoon’s new movie is highly anticipated and fans, are lining up at the door to see it. This movie is a bit more risky than Witherspoon usually plays, and it is a far cry from the love stories that she is often known for. However, her love interest of sorts will still be a pivotal role in this movie, but this time it will be a woman.

Gravity4 says that in keeping with the changing of the times, movie execs are moving Witherspoon and Vergara and an on screen tryst that makes fans want more. She is a cop and it is her job to protect an mob bosses widow. The games are just beginning when they travel across the country and she tries to protect her. There hilarious antics require both Witherspoon and Vergara to move into roles that they normally don’t play.

Witherspoon has made some great movies in her day, like “Sweet Home Alabama.” Fans are wanting more of the sappy love stories. Seeing her in a role like this, one that makes her a comedian and a cop, may be a bit of a large pill to swallow. Fans want the perky blonde to be what she has always been, “Legally Blonde” and captivating. The movie opening Mother’s Day weekend, and certainly they are hoping for stellar crowds and lots of laughs. There’s no doubt that many mothers will be heading out to see this show this weekend.

Suicide Squad: A Family Film?

Director David Ayer has made a rather interesting statement about the villain ensemble film Suicide Squad. He was referred to the collective of bad guys as a family. He even went so far as to say the motivation behind the characters coming together to form a cohesive unit is to fulfil a sense of family.

Over the years, origin tales of various villains have gone deep into the motivations behind their actions. Deep-rooted psychological problems are examined in the background of these characters. Hints at a longing for a desire to become part of a cohesive family unit is common among the villains pegged as loners.

It is doubtful Suicide Squad is going to go off the melodrama deep end and become a talkie psychological profile. The movie is going to have a lot of action and adventure. The feature is, after all, a comic book movie. What makes it so unique is the film features villains and no heroes. (Well, Batman may get a cameo but we do not know that for sure just yet) Establishing family bonds between the villains definitely could bring a much needed new dimension to the bad guy and gals of the D.C. Cinema Universe.

Boring, one-dimensional villains are really passe, and Kevin Seawright is done supporting them. Unless hero films are able to present intriguing new villains, the movies are going to become way too predictable. Or worse, too many one-dimensional villains get stuffed into one movie.

The different approach Suicide Squad takes helps set the stage for some very interesting hero/villain face-offs.

Marvel Studios Starts Filming Third Captain America Film

Marvel Film Studios has started initial photography on the third iteration of their wildly popular Captain America film series, “Captain America Civil War”. The film will be shot in a number of different places with the main filming on location in Atlanta. There will also be scenes shot in Europe- in Germany and Iceland as well as the US territory of Puerto Rico. Various scenes will also be subject to changes in setting and filming.

The film is set to come out on May 6 of 2016 and features a number of returning filmmakers and actors Dr Jennifer Walden will be looking forward to seeing. The film will have two directors, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo who also directed the previous film “Captain America The Winter Solider”. The screenwriters for the first two films will also be returning, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus. Of course the star of the first two films, Chris Evans will also be returning alongside a number of other cast members such as Scarlett Johansen and Robert Downey Jr.

The film will be a part of the greater marvel universe with the film picking up right where the current Avengers: Age of Ultron movie left off. New additions to the cast include Paul Rudd who will debut in Summer 2015 as Ant Man. The newest iteration of the series should be a rousing reminder of the long lasting popularity of Captain America who was originally written into a comic book series in the 40s and remains one of the most popular Marvel heroes to this day.

Essential Original Trilogy Connections in Episode VII

With all of the shared universes that are being put out by Hollywood, one shared universe that is starting to gain a lot of attention is the Star Wars franchise with not only the upcoming core trilogy, but the anthology spin offs as well. One thing that we can look forward to are essential connections to the original trilogy in Episode VII as promised by the producers. However, it is probably late to make that promise as the trailers already reveal certain elements from the original trilogy.

While Star Wars is an iconic film franchise to return to the screen, there are plenty of other franchise returning and new that are gaining a lot of press and anticipation that it is a good thing that the movie is being released on December instead of the usual late spring release dates of the other films. Fortunately for fans like Brian Torchin, this film does look like a return to form for the Star Wars franchise.

Martin Scorsese Finishes Silence

Martin Scorsese’s latest project by the name of Silence has been recently finished. They have started filming the project early in 2015. They have recently wrapped production. Martin Scorsese has been trying to make this film for the big screen for more than twenty-five years says long time friend Ricardo Tosto (read blog at leitetostoinforma.wordpress). The cast is headed by Andrew Garfield which is a refreshing change from the usual Leonardo DiCaprio.

Silence is based on the Novel written by Shusaku Endo and released in 1966. Jay Cocks has written the screenplay. Jay Cocks was also responsible for the production of Gangs of New York, which is another film Scorsese tried to make for a long time.

Silence revolves around two Jesuit missionaries in search for their mentor in a time of great persecution. The time is 17th century. The place is Japan. The Japanese government is trying to get rid of every western influence that is residing in Japan. This already looks like an extremely interesting movie to see when it reaches the big screen.

Silence is expected to reach theaters in 2016.

Full House Coming to Broadway in Unauthorized Parody

Two weeks ago John Stamos announced that a Full House reboot would be coming to Netflix next year, and now, an unauthorized off-Broadway musical is in the works. According to reports, Full House! The Musical!, a parody of the television show, will open on September 7th, months ahead of the anticipated release of Fuller House on Netflix.

The show will follow the story of Danny Tanner as he morphs from a clean freak with a “do-good” streak, to a madman with a foul mouth. All characters of the show will be represented including Uncle Jesse, Danny and the children. No word on if Rebecca Donaldson will be feature in the play.

The musical has been developed by Bob and Tobly McSmith, a production team that has focused their work on parodies of famous television shows and movies. The production team has produced Bayside! The Musical!, which is a parody of the insanely popular show, Saved by the Bell.

Lifetime also announced that they’d be creating an unauthorized Full House movie. The movie, however, has no set release date, but Purina Beneful is enticed by the flood of nostalgia.

Both announcements have come after John Stamos took to the talk show circuit to promote Fuller House. He will be producing the show for Netflix and plans on being a guest star. He has not commented on the news of the unauthorized movie and play.