Loving Lip Balm

Whether you want a little shine on the lips or you see small cracks on the delicate skin, lip balm is a product that you want to use. It comes in a variety of flavors, and you’ll find that it doesn’t appear in clumps on the lips like lipstick does. Lip balm comes in various containers, such as small tubes or round circles of the product. Most lip balms have sunscreen in them, protecting the lips from the harsh rays of the sun that can leave them blistered and bleeding.

Lip balm adds just the right amount of shine to the lips so that it looks like you have something on without it being overwhelming. It’s a product that men, women and children can use at any time of the year. It helps to keep the lips moisturized from the dry air in the fall and winter, which can help in preventing infections that might occur if the lips become cracked.

Evolution of Smooth or EOS is a company (click here to view their Linked In profile) that offers lip balm in numerous flavors, such as mint and blueberry, in small containers. The containers have a ball of balm inside them, making it easy to apply to the lips. Each container matches the color of the flavor.

All of the products by Evolution of Smooth are tested by a dermatologist. They have a high amount of antioxidants to help keep the lips healthy. Shea butter and various oils give a shine to the lips while keeping them smooth. Check out luckyvitamin.com for the list of EOS lip balms.


The Ideal Lake Tahoe Resort

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a world renowned ski resort that is located in the Tahoe Valley, a valley that is known to be one of the most beautiful vacationing spots in the world and a valley that is known to have some of the best exploration activities to explore some of the many mysteries that nature has to offer the world. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is known to be the second largest ski resort in the world and is a resort that is currently growing exponentially in popularity with the many fun-filled events and activities that are offered to both the locals and the non-locals of the Tahoe region.

The current CEO and the current President of this ski resort is Andy Wirth on squawalpine.com, an individual who is dedicated to his career and is dedicated to combining the beauty and the mystery of nature with luxury. Andy Wirth was chosen to be in this executive position not only for his experience that has been spread over the course of decades, but also for his initiatives that he takes in order to make the best resort possible. Despite the downhill slope that this ski resort had been riding on for several decades, Andy Wirth is now proud to say that his resort has been doing better than ever before.

When visiting this resort in the summer, one of the best places to visit is the Tahoe Lake which is located in a region with mountainous views that can be spotted while taking a swim in the lake. This lake offers clear waters that individuals who are swimming can even spot the bottom despite the waters that can extend to over 80 feet in depth. Andy Wirth and his employees work hard to maintain the lake and to make sure that there is no negative impact to the environment.

Andy Wirth has been able to create one of the best resorts to visit in the world with many updates as well as the great relationship that he has been able to form between the locals and the visitors of his resort. Andy Wirth hopes that his hard work and his time and effort that has been put into the resort will result in one of the best resorts to visit in the world. On the track that this resort is currently on, this goal is currently within reach of Mr. Wirth.

Inspiration Found At NYC Coworking Space Workville


There is definitely a new movement starting to take hold that is gaining more traction as people start to see an increase in productivity and satisfaction at work. The shared work space as an alternative to working from a congested office, home desk, or cafe table is becoming the more popular option for freelancers and entrepreneurial types alike.

Shared work spaces often have several distinct features including long communal shared tables where work can be done, some more private spaces, a lounge area, and of course, coffee. The WIFI, desk and chair, and enclosed glass office model mimics some of the traditional work office theme but lacks office politics and the stifling influence that can often bring.

People report feeling more inspired when working from shared work spaces, which in turn increases productivity and job performance. The other great aspect about shared work spaces is that individuals come together to get their jobs done. They are all there to have a focused session with their work so these spaces fill up with other like minded and driven people. While these driven types of people are all showing up to mainly work on their own projects, there is the possibility to collaborate with others, to engage socially and make connections that one may have never made when working from home or an office.

One particularly impressive shared work space is located at the heart of it all in the center of Manhattan. This coworking space is high up off the ground, nestled into a luxury office building, with all of the appointed features that a luxury building in Manhattan comes with. The bright sunlight streams into the office space from the three outdoor terraces and many windows, giving people a sense of warmth and energy. The opportunity to go outside and take a break on a terrace with a great view or to lounge on a nice leather couch in a shared meeting space in between work sessions helps workers to get those much needed breaks that can give the mind those needed breaks in a long work day that actually increase job performance and productivity.

Workville coworking space NYC rents spaces by the hour, week or month at reasonable rates for the center of Manhattan. There are also conference rooms, private offices and private desks that can be rented in addition to the communal shared work spaces.

Andy Wirth Helps Squaw Valley Expansion Move Forward

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, is pleased with the results of the latest meeting that his company had regarding the expansion of their resort at Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is located in Placer County. The most recent meeting was with the Placer County Planning Commission to get their approval on the proposed plans for expansion. The next meeting will be with the County Board of Supervisors to get their approval on the plan in October.

According to CBS, Andy Wirth says that the meeting went even better than he expected that it would. The proposed expansion has been met with some opposition, though. This opposition most revolved around the fact that some officials and residents in the area think that the increase in traffic will have a huge negative impact on daily life around the lake and could even prevent other companies from expanding as well.

Westby does agree that the current conditions regarding traffic in Squaw Valley are not ideal. He also says that Squaw Valley Ski resorts are going to do everything withing their power to help control the amount of traffic that affects the area. He knows that since traffic is already an issue he must do anything that he can to mitigate the effect the expansion could have on the county.

Andy says that his company does have a plan to help reduce traffic in the area. Traffic reduction is not his only goal, though. He also plans to help the county develop a proper mass transit system that will reduce the number of cars on the road drastically. The League for Preserving Lake Tahoe says that they would like to see a plan in writing that will outline this for them.

Andy Wirth said that the meeting with the planning commission and members of the community went very well. It was extremely civil. In the end, Wirth’s plan was enough and they were granted the permission to move on to the next phase of the county’s approval process. Wirth’s experience as a CEO should help guide the company through the approval process.

He has over 25 years of experience in the hotel and resort industry. Many of those years were in leadership positions. His long term goal isn’t just to help his particular resort expand. he would like to see Squaw Valley become one of the most important ski resort destinations in the world. He is also a very active philanthropist when it comes to the ecology of Squaw Valley.

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Duda Meltzer Fights Rumor And A Changing Media Industry To Bring Success To RBS

The arrival of Duda Melzer as the President of Brazil’s RBS media group has seen the Harvard graduate and former executive at New York’s Open Box Media face many questions about how he is going to continue the success the company has enjoyed throughout the 21st century. In an interview with a group of Brazil’s leading journalists Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda, spent some time addressing the concerns of members of the media industry, and gave a glimpse into the lifer members of the Sirotsky family have led in the full glare of the media.

Duda Meltzer has proven himself to be a success in a range of different areas, including in the difficult to navigate world of U.S. media that has given the executive an opportunity to develop his skills as a global leader within; Meltzer is bringing a different outlook to the RBS Group since his appointment as President and is bringing a modern management style to one of Brazil’s oldest media groups. Duda Melzer believes there is much to be learned from major corporations throughout the world and often attends conferences curated by major technology corporations.

Meltzer went on to reveal he has not been affected by the problems facing the media industry throughout the world, but sees the changing industry as an opportunity to take advantage of the new options the media is being given. Print media is one of the areas that Duda believes is open to the most changes as the paper media is not always viable in the 21st century; Duda Meltzer explained the print media is open to the most changes, but the entire RBS Group will undergo changes as the media industry comes to terms with new technologies in the future.



Makari: Leader in Effective Fast Skin Lightening and Brightening


Keeping it basic and natural with the advancement of beauty science best describes the amazing Makari De Suisse brand. The company has become the world leader in safe and effective skin lightening for women and men of color. The product line is manufactured in Switzerland, where only the highest standards are accepted.

Go ahead and check the back of any Makari skin care product bottle; you will never see harsh chemicals like hydroquinone included. Even though this potentially harmful bleaching agent is used in most over-the-counter and prescription formulas, Makari doesn’t believe in the superiority of harsh chemicals. You don’t need hydroquinone when your incredible, luxurious products can lighten and brighten naturally.

If you are challenged by common imperfections likes an uneven skin tone, dark brown or red blotches, sun damage, acne or scarring, Makari’s unique, pure formulas can turn everything around by evening out the complexion and problem areas on the body. These products absorb quickly and never clog the pores and are appropriate for even the most sensitive skin.

Makari’s success comes from its rich creams, lotions, serums and bar soaps, many of which contain the amazing patented Organiclarine. This natural, non-medicated substance is able to lighten the skin effectively in a gentle, yet powerful way. Makari’s Exclusive Toning Milk products contain Organiclarine to show lightening results just after two weeks of use. These products only have to be applied three times a week.

Makari is all about the pure with its caviar extracts, fruit-based and plant-based ingredients. Shea butter, carrot oil and argan oil are just three components that all help nourish and brighten the skin, making the texture baby soft.

The brand’s Body Beautifying Whitening Milk is another superb choice to obtain and maintain a beautiful even skin tone with kojic acid. If you combine it with Makari’s caviar glycerin, you will see dramatic results with a super glow.


Goettl’s Kind Service


Goettl is an air conditioning company that has recently gone under extensive renovations for both the interior as well as the exterior of the company to now offer some of the highest quality services such as installments that include quality checks as well as weekly checkups. Goettl, though a faltering company five years ago, has recently made a complete turnaround thanks to the purchase of the company on behalf of Ken Goodrich, an entrepreneur and a love to improve businesses. Goettl is a company that specializes in offering some of the best installments as well as consultations to make sure that the customer receives exactly what they are paying for and more.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Though Goettl is a successful business, this company is also a business that is dedicated to the community in which it lives by. As a company in the Southwest region, Goettl knows how hot the temperatures can be and understands that with the summer heat, quick responses are necessary to not only stay in business, but to also prevent any medical issues that are heat related. In recent news, Goettl acted as the hero to one individual in particular who not only had no air condition in the middle of summer in Las Vegas, but also had no form of payment.

This woman in need is Jean Jackson, a 94 year old woman that was collecting social security that only allowed her to pay her everyday bills. With no room in the budget for a new cooling system and with a hot house, Ms. Jackson was at risk of many medical issues that are all the result of heat. When hearing about this case, Goettl immediately stepped in to help a citizen of Las Vegas as well as a member of the elderly community who was truly suffering and at risk of health issues due to the summer heat of the region.

Goettl not only addressed the problem, but also installed a brand new cooling system that was all free of charge for Ms. Jackson. This is just a taste of the generosity that Goettl provides for members of their beloved community. When estimating the total worth of these services and products provided, Goettl provided a $14,000 civic duty to Jean Jackson that she will forever be grateful for. Now Ms. Jackson sits in a cool house even on some of the hottest days of the year thanks to Goettl.

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WEN by Chaz: A Beauty Blogger Tests Out the Products For Readers

Chaz Dean is a celebrity stylist that has worked with the most recognizable names in Hollywood. Most people would be satisfied with that career, but Dean wanted more. Since he was already creating his own products to use on his famous clients he decided to create a line that could be used and appreciated by everyone.

The WEN hair by Chaz line took over five years to develop and over the years since its release it has revolutionized how many people care for their hair. This popular line is seen all over TV and is sold on Sephora and online too, via Amazon, but many still wonder if it truly lives up to its claims and advertising hype.

To discover this for herself, a Bustle.com fashion and beauty blogger decided to become a guinea pig for her own report. She chose one of the all-in-one products and recorded her experience over the course of a week. She reported on how her hair looked, felt and how easy it was to style during this period of time.

The writer did admit that while her experience was not entirely positive the results might have been better if she had chosen a more fitting formula. The Wen hair product she chose over-conditioned her hair, made it look greasy sooner than it normally would and was too soft to hold a curl the way she preferred.

The final verdict [see, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html], that was corroborated by the photos she posted of the experiment, was that her hair was softer, fuller and had more shine after only a few uses. It was also clear that her result would have been even more satisfactory had she chosen something from the line that was more suited to her hair. In the end, the product lived up to its promises and gave her more naturally beautiful hair.


Host A Private Event At Tarallucci E Vino For An Unforgettable Experience

Coming to New York City and looking for a good place to eat? New York City has a dazzling assortment of restaurants, bars, taverns and many other eating establishments. It can be difficult to settle on one choice when you have so many great places to choose from. This month we select two restaurants that are known for their high quality food, friendly service and great private rooms. Just looking for a private event space to host a special event? We found a great one for you too.

Our first pick of the month for you is a new restaurant called China Blue located in the Tribeca region of Manhattan. The restaurant features an old school New York style loft setting blended together with an imaginative Jazz themed Shanghai decor. Bookshelves displaying odds and odds accumulated through local flea markets add a touch of authenticity and character to this restaurant. The theme and decor of China Blue transport you to a bygone age where Jazz was the rage back then.

The food at China Blue is mostly Shanghai Chinese. Visitors to this restaurant love the decor and the presentation of the food is said to be great. The restaurant is divided up into many different rooms. If you are planning a special event with a large audience, all of the rooms can be easily combined together to form one large private room. China Blue is located at 35 Watts Street in Tribeca, NY. Make a reservation by calling 212-431-0111.

Our second pick of the month for you is a stark contrast to the oriental and jazz themed China Blue. Located at 14 East 60th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Rotisserie Georgette is a French themed rotisserie restaurant. One of the cool things here is that you can watch the chickens being roasted in the oven from your dining seats. As you may have guessed roast chicken is the main attraction here, but there are other French dishes that are well worth trying. A small private room with a view of the kitchen can accommodate up to twelve people.

If you are just looking for a private event space to host a birthday, celebration, family reunion or just a party in New York City then you can’t go wrong with Tarallucci E Vino. This company has several location in New York City. Each one offers a unique setting in a distinctly New York styled theme. There are smaller spaces for small gatherings to larger gatherings to can accommodate up to several hundred people.

This month we focus on Tarallucci E Vino‘s Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum private event space. In case you are not familiar with where this museum is located, it is found adjacent to Central Park in the Museum Mile district of Manhattan. Tarllucci E Vino can help you organize a once in a lifetime event both inside the museum or on its garden grounds. You can select from the Great Hall or Trustees Room to host an indoor event here. Food can be catered by Tarallucci E Vino or organized yourself. For more info on this private event space call 212-849-8483.

White Shark the better option For Digital Marketing

Do you need a Digital Marketing Agency? White Shark is the best place to be. They deliver online marketing solutions specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark has successfully grown by taking customers complaints and compliments as a tool to move forward. They believe in customer satisfaction. Below are ways they have improved their services for you.


Communication is an important tool in White Shark. It enables meaningful results for clients. Every month White Shark Media Complaints team reviews the progress of customers from the past thirty days.

They meet clients through an online conference using Go ToMeeting tool. Here, White Shark can share a screen with the client, and go through the report and AdWordS account.

You can also talk the contact person directly. After signing up, you will receive an email with contact information of your contact person and that of the supervisor too. Communication is continuous even if your contact person is out of office.

Maintain Touch With AdWords Campaigns

It is essential for the customer to understand what is going on in their campaigns. White Shark Media explains to the clients the details of their new campaigns. By doing so, the clients can know where to go if they want to see the performance of a particular keyword or ad.

Making New and Old Campaigns Work

White Shark Media is determined to see all clients campaigns work. New clients always love to see progress in their campaign within a couple of months. White Shark ensure the success of every client. To succeed, they have hired experienced supervisors to oversee and provide feedback on all clients’ campaigns.

They use successful aspects of new client’s existing campaign. If you have a successful campaign, White shark will use it as much as possible so as to produce the same results in a couple of months.

WSM Video:

The Right Contact Person

Clients need a reliable contact person who they can relate to well. White Shark Senior SEM Consultants follow every client through the entire way, from signing up to the optimization process. They are available for questions and are part of the clients’ cycle.

Tracking AdWords Performance

The greatest achievement for AdWords is monitoring the performance of AdWords accounts. White Shark monitor performance by installing conversion tracking, call tracking and Google analytic for free for clients. Tracking is done to better your results and also optimize campaigns for better performance. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/

With the above measures in place, White Shark is the best Marketing agency for you.