Beneful is the Healthy Choice for your Dog

Freshpet Incorporated out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is one of the new players and the healthy dog food market. The company believes that their fresh dog food is fit for humans. The CEO of the company and Chief manufacturer eat the dog food just to prove that is tasty. The pet food industry is booming with 23.7 million in sales. Pet owners are becoming increasingly conscientious about what they’re feeding their pets.Your text to link… They want to make sure that they are giving their pet the very best organic in grain free food that money can buy. Some of the competition include Blue Buffalo, Colgate Palm Olive, and the JM Smucker company. This company spends big bucks researching and combining recipes that dog sander owners will both love. There are even formulated to optimize their metabolism. Fresh Pet is marketing fresh refrigerated food. Wall Street is skeptical about the fresh pet food market because the ingredients, but companies are resolute in their endeavor to crank out the best fresh pet sued that can be provided. Another major player in the fresh dog food market is Beneful.
Beneful is a top quality dog food made with the finest ingredients. Beneful offers a broad range of varieties based on age and nutritional needs. Beneful dog foods use natural chicken beef and lamb and other organic vegetables. Beneful has food for every stage of your dog’s life.

Beneful is always working to improve their Wal-Mart sold products. They also offer a line of dog treats that are all natural. Dogs love the incredible flavor combinations incorporated into their food. products is the best food for your dog’s nutritional needs. Even the pickiest pet owners will find a quality and satisfying dog food to fit their pets needs. Follow Beneful:

Soros predicts China economy will sour

George Soros said recently he is not a big fan of the Chinese economy on Bloomberg, which he says is built on debt, and he said that cannot last. He said recent reports of the amount of new credit in China is a troubling sign, and that is similar to market conditions in the United States in 2007 when the economy soured and that led to a major recession in 2008.

He noted March figures showed China’s new debt at 2.34 trillion Yuan on, which was nearly double what was predicted. George Soros said this shows China is refusing to reign in debt while building its economy on debt. Other bad signs include banks lending to banks, and banks lending to cover other debts instead of making investments. A housing boom is also going on there, which is a final troubling sign, he said.

China has said such concerns are overblown, and they said their economy is doing fine. They note Soros has made similar predictions in the past. Soros said China has more debts than deposits in its banks on, which means the economy cannot last. He predicted China will have a hard landing just as the United States did in 2008. For that reason he is betting against the Chinese economy. Chinese officials have noted their reserves increased by $10.3 billion in March, to 3.21 Trillion. Even so, they are still down $517 billion from the previous year, so it is unclear where the county is headed.

George Soros’ fortune is said to be worth $24 billion, and he made that money by making the right moves at the right time on economies around the world.

Soros made $1 Billion in a very short time in 1992 with an investment in the British Pound, a move that made George Soros famous in financial circles around the world. But by then he was already very wealthy and had a long track record of success. He started his business in 1950 in the United States after moving from England. He is a native of Hungary.

His first business was in international finance. His hedge fund has been one of the best in history, netting around 20 percent each year from 1967 through 2011.

George Soros is also heavily involved in social issues and liberal politics. He has made substantial contributions to support democratic candidates for president, and is doing so again in 2016. Soros also started the Open Society Foundation, which is aimed at encouraging open government and it also works to support human rights around the world.

What Makes Laidlaw & Company the Best Investment Partners

When looking for an institution to help you make wise investments, and that can help you manage you wealth, you need choose one that is well established. Laidlaw & company is an investment banking and brokerage firm, which was established in 1842.

Laidlaw offer personalized banking and wealth management services, to individuals and institutions, both in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company has its headquarters in New York, and has offices in Boston, San Francisco, Fort Laurendale, Wales and England. They have over 150 employees, all dedicated towards helping you make the right choices, when it comes to you money.

This company has been in business for over one hundred and seventy years according to, and has been continually growing and changing. They are driven by strong work ethic and encourage their employees to think outside the box when it comes to gathering their assets and offering financial solutions. They can also be a great asset to emerging companies by helping them to quickly raise capital.

The SEC governed Laidlaw & Company recently expanded its London office, by adding two members to the staff. This were Richard Michalski and Bryan Kobel. Mr. Michalski joined the company in November 2010 from Aegis Capital, while Mr. Kobel joined in March 2012.The team plan to strengthen the infrastructure and build the client base, in the wealth management sector. They also plan to help European healthcare providers and investors, access to the united stated capital markets.

Their services

Under investment banking this include; placement of debt and mezzanine capital with institutional investors, acquisition financing, advisory services on acquisitions, management-led buy outs, mergers and strategic alliances, alternative investments among other services.

Under wealth management they offer; financial planning, advisory services and portfolio management. They also offer personalized management of all your transactions and give efficient solutions to those who need them.


Securus Technology Focuses on Strategies for Correctional Facilities in 2016

Securus Technologies reported the results of a survey carried out nationwide that revealed at least half of the correctional facilities focus on updated technology and expanding services as of 2016. These two factors are geared towards inmate satisfaction, improving productivity, and increasing profitability. The leader provider in civil and criminal justice technology solutions reiterated that 56 percent of the correctional facilities considered upgrading their technology by 2016 while 55 percent considered expanding their services as a primary strategic focus for 2016. Only 15 percent of the pack considered cutting costs as their main approach. The survey allowed participants to choose more than one answer. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies pointed out that the increasing pressure on budgets of correctional facilities necessitated the management teams to focus on safety, success and improved productivity for inmates. The survey also indicated that there lay new opportunities to automate operations such as inmate phone calls monitoring, which will free up operating cash flow and improve inmate satisfaction.

To access Securus newest technology video visitation services, just connect the video visit software to the Securus app which you can download for free from iTunes or Google Play.

Some of the critical signs that showed the importance of productivity, safety and inmate satisfaction as the primary factors to focus on included positive reviews on video visitation, 66 percent, and availability of tablets, 33 percent. The survey also covered investigative solutions, mitigation of contraband cell phones, public safety software and the overall improvement of safety in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies answers to these needs through its state-of-the-art Technology Center. The $1.5 million dollar facility is located in Carrollton, Texas and covers 10,500 square feet. The center offers an opportunity for leaders of correctional facilities access to high-end services and technologies in real-time. 

About Securus Technologies

The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offers services to at least 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies. Securus Technologies offers services such as emergency response, monitoring products and services, incident management, communication and public information management, and biometric analysis.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the health supplement on Amazon, Securus nor is it a part of Securus America which is an agency site.

How VTA Publications Can Help You Build A Successful Team For A Successful Future

As we go about our daily lives, we are surrounded by various people who have the ability to help us succeed in our ultimate goals. The problem is, we often alienate them by criticizing their goals. We could succeed by ourselves, but, more often than not, the most successful people have a team of supporters who helped them along the way. In order to build a team of supporters, we need to be willing to be a part of their team as well by taking a genuine interest in their goals and their success.

The basis of a great support team starts with the right tools and VTA Publications has an arsenal of useful products in helping you achieve your dreams. VTA Publications is a company with at least four years of experience in helping others achieve their goals. VTA specializes in economics and finance and seeks to source their information from the very best in the field so that it is always relevant and current. VTA has helped thousands from across the globe in their journey to success with cutting-edge digital and physical information and tools. Book or attend a seminar or event through VTA Publications and build an amazing team of supporters.  Follow the official website, and they also have a VTA store to buy publications.

Activist Yeonmi Park”s Book Is A Success

Yeonmi Park, the female Korean activist, has published a book about her escape from the brutal regime of North Korea, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is available in hardcover, paperback, and as a Kindle ebook.

Park’s story illustrates a contrast in North Korean society. Her family was middle class until the country’s economy took a nose dive. Park’s father took to the black market to provide for his family. When her father was imprisoned for smuggling Park and her family became outcasts to the point of being near starvation when they made the decision to attempt an escape to China,

Park’s book is currently ranked 16.932 in Kindle. The hardcover 6,172, and the paperback 340,545. The average customer review is five stars.

On the book’s Amazon page there is a first person excerpt from the book. Park says she wasn’t longing for freedom when she made her escape. She said if she stayed she and her family would surely have died from starvation, She was willing to risk her life just to be able to consume a bowl of rice daily.

Yeonmi Park is a Korean defector and current human rights activist. Park became known internationally when she delivered a speech about her escape from North Korea.The speech had more than two million views on YouTube.

Park and her mother escaped into China in 2007 with the aid of human traffickers. In 2008 Park and her mother wanted to smuggle Park’s father out of North Korea. But before the escape could be arranged he died of cancer at the age of forty-five.



Simply Sold With Madison Street Capitol

Sometimes the best way to say something is without any words. I personally like videos on that walk on the more artistic side of advertising by mixing meaning and imagery to create something not only supports their product but also gives the advertisement more intellectual value. This video while short is an example of the time of advertising I am talking about.

Madison Street Capital is a middle market investment banking firms. One of the qualities of middle market that comes to mind for many is the idea that they are always on the go or moving forward toward opportunity. Madison Street Capital has a strong track record of this and reflects it in the short video by showing different people passing the companies name while they walk with motivation in and out of the camera’s view. It is simple yet meaningful. The music in the background supports the videos simplicity by providing a steady and upbeat tone that is consistent throughout.

The fact that each person shown in the short video on is shown on the street walking forward to the next frame should be noted further as well. The video portrays the company name Madison Street Capital on the sidewalk and then on a road sign. The symbolism here is in the company names placement. In correlation to the services the company actually offers, Madison Street capital has a well backed history of creating a clear path for investors as well as offering guidance when needed. Strong relationships have been built by the company over time with this idea in mind making the the final image of the video, the bridge, a symbol for the companies’ history in support and guidance. While the video of Madison Street Capital is anything but long and quite simple, it sends an even simpler message of aid and professional consulting.

The video was not about the company, but where the Madison Street Company could be in your life or business. Whether you need the support of a reliable team of professionals that are backed by years of experience, or need the occasional guidance on what path to take. Madison Street Capital has shown itself as easy to work with and more than able to guide business investors with confidence. For a look at the video click here

Understanding Antique Arms Collection With Reference to Michael Zomber

Weapons that were extensively used in the past but whose use dwindled due to advances in technology are steadily making a comeback. Such armaments include ancient knives, swords and guns. Initially seen as useless and obsolete, they are fast gaining popularity amongst a new crop of vintage collectors. This has made them rare and highly prized. Most collectors acquire them due to their vestigial nature. Antique weapons such as swords wear out with time and are mostly kept on display. Guns on the other hand are serviceable and are mostly taken for the occasional hunting trip.

The exquisite nature of antique arms collection has made it a preserve of a few who have the resources to engage themselves in the activity. Those who engage themselves in this sport mostly do it as a hobby. However, there is a growing number of antique lovers doing it as a money making venture. They often search for the items, purchase them, make necessary renovations if there is need and then trade them. One of the most prominent vintage arms collectors is Michael Zomber.

Michael Zomber’s Synopsis

He is a widely acknowledged playwright, vintage weapons dealer, film director and humanitarian. Zomber was born in Washington in 1949 to German immigrant parents. His parents kept moving constantly during his childhood and by virtue of this, he was brought up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A lover of literature from a young age, Michael attended the University of Illinois for his undergraduate degree in English and Literature. Thereafter, he enrolled at the University of Los Angeles California for a Postgraduate Degree in English and Psychology. This laid the foundation for his background as an epic novelist.

Michael Zomber according to was fascinated with Japanese Samurai swords from a tender age, a passion he carried onto his adulthood. Initially starting out as a hobby, it has become an income source. He is dedicated to the preservation of the past through the assemblage and sale of vintage weapons. He has also marshaled his family to support several humanitarian organizations in their quest to nurture the values of love and pacific co-existence. These organizations include Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Disabled American Veterans and UNICEF.



Dolce & Gabbana Yank “Slave Shoes’ Off Website

Apparel retailer Dolce & Gabbana is facing harsh criticism after making “Slave Shoes” available for sale on its website. The Italian designer offers the pom-pom, strap sandals for $US2395. Dolce & Gabbana indicated “Slave Sandals” is a substitute name for “Gladiator Sandals, ” according to a report published on Footwear News.

Critics claim thought that the term “gladiator sandal” is used to describe sandals with an ankle strap. Dealing with the consumer and media backlash, Dolce & Gabbana immediately dropped the “Slave Shoes” from its website.

Shoe stockists, attempting to deflect criticism, have re-branded the controversial footwear in their stores. Moda Operandi, an internet luxury fashion retailer has renamed the shoes “pom pom wraparound sandals.” US retailer Saks Fifth Avenue has taken to offering the footwear as “pom-pom leather lace-up sandal”.

This isn’t the first time that Dolce & Gabbana designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been the target of media hysteria and political correctness. The designers outfitted models with Blackamoor imagery earrings, images of black individuals attired in turbans and jewels, which is indicative of slavery, during a 2012 fashion affair.

JustFab, is a leading worldwide online fashion retailer that enhances the self-image of women with a diverse selection of footwear, handbags, jewelry, and stylish, trendy apparel. Just Fab offers a unique monthly subscription service offering energizing, personal and intimate buying experience to over 35 million members worldwide via its affiliate brands including JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

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Latino Vote Courted by George Soros and Democrats


It is clear that one of the most important voting groups in the presidential election of 2016 is going to be the Latino population. There is an ever growing minority of Latinos in the United States and their support could very well be the difference between winning and losing and the billionaire liberal George Soros knows this well. That is why he is spearheading a campaign to court the Latino vote for the Democratic candidate in November. According to an article in the New York Times, thus far they have raised over $15 million to help mobilize and energize the Latin vote for their cause. Courting this dynamic of the population away from their Republican counterparts and that could just be the deciding factor in the election.

With Republican front runner Donald Trump continually spouting negative rhetoric about the Latin American population, the entire group is ready to move into the Democratic camp and this gentle urging may be all they need in order to bring some big Latino states full of electoral votes into the support of Democrats. States like Texas, California and Florida are all potential pivotal states that just may be lost to Republicans because they have alienated the population so completely. This is thought to be the largest single effort to win the votes of immigrants and Latinos in the history of the United States. This support is vital not only to the Presidential election but also to key races in the US Senate. The balance of power in Washington may swing on the momentum built by this unique vote swaying movement.

In order to manage the program they have organized a new super PAC known as the Immigrant Voters Win PAC. It will be much more politically active and far less passive than previous efforts to court the majority of immigrant and Latino support. They are focusing on mobilizing those already voting to turn the attention of others sitting on the fence to support their way of thinking. Organizers are hoping the Soros support will help get at least 400,000 new voters out to polling places when the heat is on in November.

Soros and the Democrats have some convincing to do, because President Obama had not followed through on some of his immigration promises. Nearly two million people were deported by Obama and he never overhauled the immigration system like he promised. The right wing Koch brothers are expected to attempt to win voters to their side with their own $10 million campaign, but they still have to deal with the loud and ignorant comments of Donald Trump offending any immigrant or Latino who happens to be listening. This could very well be the battle that decides the future of the Presidency of the United States.

George Soros $5 million contribution to the cause is vital because his influence will always draw other liberal Democrats with money to support the cause as well. It also is a sign that Soros is back in the political game and ready to become a vital part of the process. He was once seen as a hero for his contributions but has stepped back since he tried to defeat George W. Bush in 2004.