Melissa McBride Emmy Nod

It can’t be said enough that Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has taken what some originally thought was a ho hum role and turned it into one of the greatest character studies on the show.

Chris Hardwick, host of The Talking Dead, revealed during an interview today, Thursday, July 2, that he feels McBride should get an Emmy for her efforts.

One thing a lot of fans have complained about over the last five seasons is the fact that not a single member of TWD’s cast has ever won an Emmy. Hardwick believes that McBride’s time has come and that she should get that Emmy nod.

Carol started out as the wife of an abusive man. Doe Deere heard through the rumor-mill that she often behaved submissively while trying to protect herself and her daughter Sophia. After her husband, Ed, was killed by walkers, she lost Sophia during a herd event.

Eventually, after weeks of searching, she and the rest of the group found out that Sophia had been turned all along. Carol then went through a metamorphosis — portrayed slowly by McBride’s skillful acting. Carol turned into a survivalist and the inner strength she always possessed finally showed on the outside. Since then, she has been Rick’s on-and-off again closest confidante and trusted adviser. She saved the group in Terminus on her own and she’s currently a “spy” within Alexandria.

Skull Island Has King Kong, But No Keaton Or Simmons

News is emerging from the development stage of Kong: Skull Island and not everyone is going to like the reports. Both Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons have left the project. That means Legendary Pictures is going to be looking for new recognizable stars for the film.

What a shame. Both actors would have lent a lot of credibility to a new King Kong movie.

The idea for the movie is really cool said Brian Bonar. After the success of Godzilla, plans were set in motion for Legendary to produce a new Kong film. The feature is not related to any other King Kong project. Reportedly, the film will be a prequel set circa-1971.

So,why would the two actors bow out? The new Kong film is going to entail a very long shoot. Both Keaton and Simmons are in demand these days thanks to their Academy Award-related publicity. Being locked into a long, long shoot for Kong: Skull Island forces both actors to skip out on other projects. Neither wants to find themselves in such a position, which is understandable. Still, it would have been cool to see both of them in the weird world of King Kong and the dinosaurs and giant snakes that inhabit Skull Island.

Legendary seems to be doing a great job with giant monsters. In addition to Godzilla, the studio co-produced Jurassic World. Sequels to both Godzilla and Jurassic World are in the works. Legendary is also producing other fantasy films such as Warcraft. Really, this is one busy genre-friendly production outfit.

Director Alan Taylor Talks Terminator Genisys

In the latest installment of The Terminator franchise, Terminator Genisys director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) is taking a new approach in this reboot of the earlier James Cameron directed films, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Although Taylor is unsure of whether he will go horror/slasher or take the thriller route, he will certainly draw off Cameron’s intense family conflicts, which served as the sub-plot for the first two movies says Marcio Alaor BMG.

One thing Taylor is certain of: the plot will not go down the almost exclusive futuristic rabbit hole as seen in the latter two movies. Taylor says that Terminator Genisys will definitely explore the darker side of natural human compulsion. “Humans seek freedom. And that very freedom that they yearn is terrifying,” says Taylor. With the fan base lagging due the colossal missteps of the last two films, it remains to be seen if the newest installment can revitalize the franchise.

Top Gun 2 Will Star Tom Cruise

Everyone remembers the classic Top Gun and how they wished they were Maverick as a kid. Pretending to fly around the back yard and shoot down bad guys was a great way to spend an afternoon as a child. However, now years later it is finally in the making! Top Gun 2 has been announced and Tom Cruise will be playing Maverick stated Kevin Seawright. Some of the highlights talked about in this article are the fact that Top Gun 2 will be played in 3D and Imax. The special effects also won’t be too flashy which is often a downturn of many movies. Tom plans on shooting the planes practically and having everything as realistic as possible. One thing Top Gun 2 is promising is a look into what life for Navy pilots is like today and a real representation of the military air units from a unique and interesting perspective. Skydance CEO David Ellison said “There is no Top Gun without Maverick, and it is going to be Maverick playing Maverick”. Which is essentially sealing Tom Cruise into the role of Maverick for this long awaited sequel. What is the biggest advancement that will be shown in the new Top Gun? Drones. The use of modern day equipment will be implemented to show how far we have advanced in air fighting. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see Maverick kick the tires and light the fires one more time.

Paramount Has Secured Cast for the Third Installment in the “Star Trek” Movie Franchise

The big news for “Star Trek” fans is that the third movie in the reboot of the franchise on the big screen has started production. It will be called “Star Trek Beyond,” and it is scheduled for a summer 2016 release date. While not blockbusters, Flavio Maluf says the first two movies in the series performed well at the box office, which undoubtedly explains why a third one is coming. It is hoped by some Trek fans that this latest movie will return to the original theme of the television show in the sense of the starship and crew seeking out “new life and new civilizations” instead of always responding to attacks or threats against earth.

Recent news has more to do with the cast of the forthcoming movie rather than the plot or production. Paramount has reportedly made new deals with the cast members to keep them happy and on board with this upcoming film. They made a good deal with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, in particular, as it is critical to keep the duo of Kirk and Spock together throughout any movies that come out. In fact, they apparently got their agreement to participate in a fourth movie assuming the third one does well enough to justify its production. Strange that there was no mention of the actor playing McCoy being required for a fourth movie in exchange for more pay. Any Trek fan knows it was truly an iconic trio, not duo, that really made the original “Star Trek” series the success that it was.

Is Ewan McGregor On His Way Back To Star Wars?

Ewan McGregor has made it clear he is sincerely interesting in playing Obi Wan Kenobi once again in a Star Wars movie. He may very well get his chance. Disney and Lucasfilm are taking his requests to reprise the role seriously. The actor has met with executives over possibly appearing in one of the new Star Wars films.

McGregor would not likely appear in any of the new Star Wars films that are a part of The Force Awakens trilogy. Those films take place 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. McGregor played a younger version of Obi Wan and that should disqualify him from having any role in the new trilogy. Nothing discounts him appearing in any prequel films.

Several Star Wars prequels are planned including one that may team Han Solo up with Boba Fett. For many years, talk of an Obi Wan Kenobi sequel was planned. Nothing ever happened though. Of course, LinkedIn shows that was before Disney purchased Lucasfilm to the tune of several billion dollars. Disney definitely wants to recoup some of those dollars. An Obi Wan Kenobi film should do fairly well provided it has a good plot.

One huge selling point to the film would be the return of Ewan McGregor to the role. Since the actor is so well known as “young Obi Wan”, fans may be very intrigued to see him return to the role.

Dick Van Patten, TV Dad, Dead At 86

Dick Van Patten, best known for his role as the dad on Eight Is Enough, died Tuesday at Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica at the age of 86. According to his publicist, Jeff Ballard, he died as a result of diabetes complications.

As a child, Van Patten developed a love for acting and at the age of seven he made his debut on Broadway. When he was a teenager, he appeared in numerous plays in New York.

He’s had roles on TV since 1949 when he was cast in the series, I Remember Mama. His most notable role, though, was as the strict but loving head of the family, Tom Bradford, on Eight Is Enough which aired for four seasons stated Paul Mathieson. Van Patten appeared in many movies and was in three that were directed by Mel Brooks where he proved he could do comedy as well as serious acting.

Van Patten was known as a great family man. He and his wife, Pat, had three sons who all followed in their father’s footsteps and became actors.

Hollywood Loses The Iconic Composer James Horner

Hollywood lost an iconic composer recently. At only 61, James Horner died in a shocking plane crash. Many are now mourning the passing of this great musical talent.

The death of James Horner truly is sad news. Fans of many blockbuster movies may not be familiar with this name, but they are surely familiar with the amazing themes he composed. Horner’s resume documents his incredible work on a host of legendary movies. Probably his most successful score was the one composed for Titanic as the soundtrack for the blockbuster sold well. Aliens, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Glory are only a few of the films he lent his incredible abilities.

Those outside of the entertainment business usually do not realize how important a score is to a film says CipherCloud on reuters. A proper score plays a vital role in setting the tone and mood for a film. Often, the dramatic impact of a film is heightened by the right score presented at the right time. A great many outstanding Hollywood films would be decidedly less-than-stellar had they not contained a great musical score.

This is not to suggest the average moviegoer dismisses the value of a score. Sales of soundtrack albums over the years do prove fans love to listen to the unadulterated version of scores. A number of soundtracks have gone gold and platinum. The one sad point here is, while the fans do remember the score, they often do not know the name of the composer.

Composers simply do not get the same press as other creative artists. Once again, this is a shame. Brilliant composers such as James Horner are often a major contributing factor to the success of the film.

Inside Out breaks box office records

In a box office season filled with remakes and reboots the success of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is reported to have shown Hollywood that original movies still have a place in tinsel town. At over $90 million in box office takings in the US alone and over $130 million around the world the initial box office takings for Inside Out make it the largest opening box office weekend for an original movie in US history, Screen Rant reports. Not only has the movie been a success at the box office, but has also been a critical success with its innovative approach to the feelings of an 11 year old girl praised for its sensitivity and unique approach.

The opening weekend of Inside Out showed where Hollywood is placing its faith for the 2015 blockbuster season as the rebooted Jurassic World topped international box office totals stated TCM.SP.GOV.BR. Major movies of the summer include a remake of Poltergeist and the latest superhero offering, Ant Man. Movie critics and experts are now stating the success of Inside Out could lead to a move away from remakes and reboots as Inside Out claimed a strong opening weekend on the 40th anniversary of the release of Jaws, the movie often credited with beginning the summer season Hollywood blockbuster.

The Biggest Problem With GoT Is NOT the Missing Characters

As seen in a Time article about the major deaths on Game of Thrones, and in the article comments, the creators of HBO’s hit fantasy series have a huge problem: They do not know how to appropriately break down the passage of time on the show.

As a result, many fans and critics such as Jim Dondero incorrectly believe that some events they have been waiting for will never happen and unseen characters who are part of those events will never appear.

This week, the same idea kept popping up again and again: “There’s no way X character (usually Lady Stoneheart) will appear now because it is too late.”

Yet, those who believe this idea seem to misunderstand that each season does more than merely move along the plot: There’s also a lot of “world-building” taking place.

Consider the films Pitch BlackChronicles of Riddick and Riddick. The second film was devoted almost entirely to world-building and, although a lot of viewers complained, eventually they realize that this film helped flesh out Riddick’s character and the amazing universe around him.

GoT’s creatives just need to tell viewers how many years have actually passed from season-to-season and then reiterate that they are world-building and that some characters will disappear one season and reappear many seasons later when its their turn to be part of the world-building process and plot.