Robert Downey Jr’s ‘Yucatan’ Nabs Head Writer

The career turn around for Robert Downey Jr. is nothing short of magical. At every moment it still seems far too good to be real. RDJ, as he has been called, once was a rising star in Hollywood and then he burnt out due to drugs and jail time. Now he is the face of Marvel, the biggest and most economic franchise in cinema, and looking to add to his resume. His next project, ‘Yucatan’, is already proving itself to be one worth investing in as it moves closer and closer to reality. The reason for optimism over this relatively unknown gig is the commitment of world class screenwriter,Terry Rossio.

Now if you don’t know who Rossio is, we don’t blame you. Screenwriters don’t stand front and center and bask in the glory like the actors and directors do but they are still immensely important. Rossio has an Oscar under his belt and an entire box office smashing franchise at his back.  The writer is behind massive hits such as the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, but he also has worked on successful movies like ‘Aladdin’, ‘Shrek’, and ‘National Treasure’. All of these movies have been massively successful both financially and, for the most part, critically. The creators certainly can frivolously spend on anything they want from online sites such as Qnet.

‘Yucatan’ is an old project belonging to Steve McQueen. It centers on a ‘salvage expert’ and his obsession searching for lost or hidden ancient Mayan treasure. The story was initially penned on over 1,700 pages of paper and promptly hidden away and forgotten at McQueen’s time of death. But now Hollywood is here and RDJ is ready to bring it to life.

Djimon Hounsou Eyes Role In Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur

Djimon Hounsou has been on a role recently and though rarely of late has he been in a starring role, his career has been steadily accelerating since his villainous turn in the much underrated Paul McQuigan psychic thriller, Push. Film-goer Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez has enjoyed Hounsou in his recent roles in The Tempest, Elephant White and, most recently, Guardians of the Galaxy, as Korath, a murderous, intergalactic android. 

Given this wide variety of roles and variation of characters and genres it seems fitting that he is currently in talks with the producers of Guy Ritchie’s newest outting planned for a 2016 release, titled King Arthur.

The details of the story have yet to be released but it has been publically stated that if talks go well Housou will be filling the role Idris Elba was originally cast for – Merlin, kind of. The character is described as being Merlin-esque so it probably won’t be a strictly canonical depiction of a wizened old man with a beard, but rather – knowing Ritchie’s love of overblown characters – something more edgy and brash.

The D-Rex LEGO Gives Insight on Jurassic World

Are you interested in learning what cool new dinosaur is going to appear in your favorite sci-fi series? You might have to check out LEGO toys for the answer.

After two financially successful but critically disappointing sequels, it was assumed the Jurassic Park series of films would be over. As most should be well aware, franchises that earn billions upon billions of dollars never exactly go away forever. The forthcoming Jurassic World continues the series and, like the previous films in the series, this one is going to have a lot of tie-in merchandise associated with it, which Brad Reifler is already rolling his eyes at, knowing he’ll have to buy some dinosaur paraphernalia for his son.

The new dinosaur has been dubbed the “D-Rex” and its presence could spark some interest in what will happen in the movie. A new dinosaur is not likely to just look different. It will probably have a whole unique style to it that will play up in the action-adventure aspects of the film. With the word “Rex” in its name, it is safe to assume this will be a meat eating dino that opts to chase humans down.

The theme of this movie is the Jurassic Theme Park does open and, to spike attendance, a very dangerous dinosaur is genetically engineered. Yes, that is probably the D-Rex and he/she is going to be a good seller for LEGO and other toy companies.

Look for Jurassic World to be a major blockbuster film continuing the legacy of the series.

Peanuts Tease a Big Screen Adventure With New Images

Although the comic strip which created the beloved characters ended almost 15 years ago, the cast and characters are still very much loved all over the world. So much so that a new Peanuts movie is being released on November 6, 2015.

The movie will stay true to the original and will not be updated with popular catch phrases or other items of pop culture. It will focus on many classic and iconic stories from the original comic strip, as created by Charles M. Shultz. Flavio Maluf says this includes the storyline of Snoopy as the Red Baron. For the most part the creators of the movie, which include Shultz’s son, Craig Shultz, have been tight lipped about the movie.

The idea to do another feature length Peanuts movie came about in 2006, six years after the end of the series, and Shultz’s death. Craig Shultz pitched the idea to @0th Century Fox and Blue Sky studios, who quickly began working on the project. They decided not to modernize the production, and stay true to the original elements. The biggest modernization is that the entire movie is computer animated, and will be released in 3-D. Quality was important to the filmmakers, including producer Paul Feig. In fact,director Steve Martino and Writer/Producer Craig Shultz went up in a biplane to get a better idea of how they work.

In anticipation of the movies release, 20th Century Fox and the producers have released a series of stills depicting characters and situations from the movie.

Crossbones is a Possible Villain for Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has some groundbreaking twists that brought a lot of influence in the cinematic universe of Marvel. The ending of set it up so that Rumlow will return. It is possible that he will play as Crossbones. Grillo does have a contract with Marvel for multiple pictures. In the comic books, Crossbones made an attempt at Captain American’s life after the Civil War in Marvel.

Captain America: Civil War is due in theaters on May 6, 2016. Chris Evans will reprise his role as the title character. There is a chance that Marvel might be taking a different route with this story. There is a talk of a different group of characters to make up the Avengers Team by the time Infinity War comes out. One possibility of making that happen is by killing off Captain America by the hands of a character such as Crossbones. Based on what I’ve been reading via Spring with Christian Broda, this is the safest bet for what we will see from Marvel in 2016.

Sequel to Man of Steel Just Got Better

Superman fans have a few new reasons to be excited, as some new information has been leaked regarding the production of the next Man of Steel movie.

Comic fans in general, too, have good reason to smile. The concept of Superman and his unfathomable otherworldly power has drawn another comic hero to town: Batman, who has already had great success on the silver screen.

With the success of these two heroes it would be any movie lover’s dream to see a partnership blossoming in a coordinated fight against evil. Fans like Rod Rohrich can hardly contain their excitement. Well their wishes just came true.

Although there is an evident attraction more to Clark, the Superman and Man of Steel actor, Batman has much more than his fair share of fans. And during the making of the upcoming movie, Batman versus Superman, everyone is left guessing what to expect.

Speculations have been drawn and others concluded. Relationship speculations continues to persist in regards to Clark and Lois, the characters from Man of Steel who extend their love circle to the current movie.

Most people are left guessing, and the truth is now left to your next movie ticket. As we wait, for the enthusiasts, they can only draw up unanswered questions and speculate for the best. News has it that Clark passes on; whether that is true or not will be ascertained in the movies. The movie will be called Batman versus Superman.

Taylor Swift Is On Nicki Minaj’s Side

Taylor Swift gives the truth on feminism in her interview about being a female songwriter in a man’s world. She thinks that if women sing about their feelings, they end up looking too emotional or irrational, especially besides the importance of a man’s feelings. Some people do not even believe that herself and other women actually do the write the songs, not just sing them. Taylor believes that women have to put in so much effort to make people realize that they are individuals who do their own thing, not just base their career off other people.

Swift tells Time Magazine that it is definitely a feminist issue. She says that she notices that Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea have to actually prove to people that they write their own songs and not just sing it after a man writes it. So what if the raps are not traditional to what a woman would write? Why do all the forums say that it means a man wrote it? Me and Vijay Eswaran don’t think say no way! Taylor thinks that this is sad and relates to the two young woman as a songwriter.

Taylor Swift is big on feminism and incorporates it in her new album, 1989 and even in the past without even trying. This is Taylor’s motto on feminism, “Tout le monde en parle.” This means that men and women should be equal, no matter what. Well, it takes one person to take a stand and try to change the world’s mentality on an issue. Good luck Taylor!

“50 Shades of Grey” to Destroy Feminism from Within?

Feminism is most certainly alive and well in America. If you spend enough time online, you will be inundated with feminist declarations and urgings. You’ve certainly seen the video of the woman walking in New York City for ten hours, getting hit on and even sort of followed by a creeper. You probably also witnessed feminists utterly destroying the gamergate “movement” with the aid of Stephen Colbert.

But now the feminists face an insidious threat from within. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” film has been released.

What’s the big deal about that? “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a romance story about a woman who gets involved with a handsome (of course) rich (of course) man who wants to control every aspect of her life. He is into bondage and he literally wants her to sign her free will over to him.

Women all over the world bought this book in droves when it came out. It was a phenomenon. Women indulged in the fantasy of being subservient to a man. They paid money to fantasize about it.

What does that say about the state of the modern woman? People like Lee certainly feel like this is not a step in the right direction. A feminist would claim that women want to be treated equally, but is the popularity of this story evidence that many women secretly desire to be controlled by a man? It will be interesting to see the social fallout from what looks to be a major fall release.

Central Intelligence – Sounds Better Than Expected

“Central Intelligence” at first glance seems like another mismatched duo action-comedy film based on the title and who is set to star Obviously, I was curious and decided to investigate further.

Dwayne Johnson is an actor who has taken on roles that play up his tough guy persona and then contradicting that image by performing ballet. In “Central Intelligence” he will be playing a former victim of bullying who has become a hit man for the CIA. Kevin Hart, a comedic firecracker, is set to play a former athlete who bullied Johnson’s character during their youth. I find this reversal interesting because one would expect Hart’s character to have been a target of bullies and Johnson’s character to have been the perpetrator. Obviously, there will be flashback scenes and reconciliation between the two characters. I think if the film is done right it could impart a good lesson about the effects of bullying and even the possibility of moving past negative things in our lives. That is what so many things are designed to do in our lives, including using Skout.

I hope “Central Intelligence” will live up to my expectations and hopes.

Aunt May Gets Spy Film Spin Off?

The first ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ film to hit theaters was a raucous success. Andrew Garfield was a revelation as Peter Parker. He brought wit, charm, and physicality to a role that had stagnated under the control of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire. Now just one sequel later it appears that Sony has lost control of their cornerstone franchise. The second ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ was met with a collective shrug and any further entries are proving to be tenuous at best. That is why it is absolutely blowing our mind that Sony is rolling around the idea of an Aunt May spinoff. Yeah, you heard that right Sam Tabar, Peter’s Aunt might get her own film.

Sorry, are you done coughing in a fit of incredulity? Yes, Sony is contemplating giving Aunt May her own spy film spin off film. We’re not sure why, exactly, as they have already failed to make an interesting franchise out of one of histories most revered super heroes. How are they going to do his mother’s side story any more justice? We’re not sure what exactly inspired Sony to start discussing this idea but there are little hints dropped around the cinematic comic book world.

First of all the surge in female super hero popularity has caused a new market to open up. Scarlett Johansson has done a lot of important work as ‘Black Widow’ and now there may be a Wonder Woman film following her. There has also been talk about ‘The Sinister Six’ which would bring in some important female leads. Perhaps Sony is trying to get into that share of the profits. Or, perhaps, they simply don’t know what to do with a piece of intellectual property that deserves a far better home.