Can Status Labs Reverse Facebook Foibles?

Conducting business has become a lot easier and a lot cheaper in recent years thanks to the arrival of Facebook. Facebook can be used for free – absolutely free – to promote a person, business, product, or service. There are still some things that are best avoided when taking advantage of Facebook. For one, spending too much time on Facebook can undermine productivity or get an employee in a lot of trouble with a boss. And then there are issue associated with reputation damage.

Status Labs is a reputation management firm that has offices in Austin, TX, New York, NY, and San Paulo, Brazil. Over 1,500 customers have been helped thanks to Status Labs. Representatives from Status Labs are quick to point out that behavior on social media sites such as Facebook can lead to the ruination of a professional reputation. It could even harm people in their personal lives.

The ways in which someone can create professional troubles on Facebook are pretty vast. Constantly making posts that are controversial or borderline offensive is not going to be helpful to someone who is trying to promote his or her business endeavors. A personal trainer who loads up a Facebook page with politically charged commentary or is constantly getting involved in “flame wars” with other members of the Facebook community.

Creating one profile for professional communications and one for business endeavors does some help towards curtailing any issues. Still, it would be incredibly unwise to do anything even remotely controversial or anything that could harm or hamper personal and professional relationships.

And be mindful of one very critical point. Anything that is published on a social media site could have a life of its own. Specifically, the search engines end up indexing a great deal of those posts. Deleting them may not even be anywhere near as easy as thought. Potential clients or customers might end up aghast when running a Google search on someone who has a boorish social media presence. Business suffers as a result.

Status Labs can help those who have social media troubles. The professionals working for Status Labs can recreate a social media presence and produce original and impressive content. A damaged reputation could be rehabilitated thanks to such work.

Handy: Choose The Best Home Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a good company that renders quality home cleaning service? Wondering why many people choose Handy on to keep their home in clean and tidy condition? If you are pressed for time, a reliable home cleaning service can be of great help to you, to ensure that your home looks clean and fresh.

When it comes to choosing a great company to handle your residential cleaning task, consider Handy. Many people are happy with the services they have received from Handy Home Cleaning Service. It’s no wonder Handy comes highly recommended in the industry.

It is imperative that you hire someone who is well trained as well as credible on, and you should also make sure that the service provider is bonded and insured. Several cleaning companies additionally have home cleaning professionals who meet these requirements. This protects you from any responsibility in the event that an unfortunate incident occurs while they are working in your home. For example, if someone gets injured or if damage occurs to your property while they are providing service in your home, then you are protected from financial loss.

It also important to choose a company with a team of vetted professionals. And that’s why Handy is a clear choice for anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy home cleaning crew. Reputable companies only work with cleaning professionals who have passed a rigorous background check. Handy makes sure that everyone on their team has passed a thorough screening process, and is well qualified to deliver services to customers.

Once you are certain that the cleaning company you’re considering is properly prepared to provide top quality service and handle any sort of obligation issues, it is time to contact them and discuss your project. During the consultation, you will be required to provide details about your home and cleaning requirements. Do you need any special cleaning service? Or do you have special instructions for the cleaners? How about scheduling your home cleaning service? If you need only one-time cleaning, you need to let them know. If you are looking to set up a regular cleaning schedule like weekly or bi-weekly, or even monthly service, just let them know. Handy will also want to know the size of the area that needs to be cleaned.

With Handy, you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the cleaning, whether you will be pleased with their service. If you contact their references, you will be pleased to find out that Handy has numerous positive reviews and their customers keep on using their service. And their cleaning professionals arrive on schedule, fully equipped to get to work right away.

To learn more about Handy Home Cleaning Service, visit their website. Make sure you browse around and check out the various services they provide. It is absolutely necessary to read their terms and conditions of service, and to contact them for any questions or concerns you may have regarding their services.

When Apartments Beat Hotels — Renting With LondonEscape

Visiting London, for work or for pleasure, is a great experience. Whether it is your first time in the city, or you consider it a second home, it is a bustling place with a lot to see and do. And for this very reason, many people consider staying in London for more than two weeks.

If you have decided to stay in London for just a weekend or are staying for a much longer period, it would be advantageous to think about renting an apartment instead of staying at a hotel. The benefits of staying in a rented apartment far outweigh the appeal of hotels.

Apartments vs. Hotels

The London experience is often hindered by the price of hotels in the city. Depending on the length of your trip, a hotel can cost you thousands of pounds, and will most likely cut down your actual holiday in the city. Staying at an apartment offers you amenities that a hotel does not offer for free, and it is normally included in your rental rate.

For many long-term visitors who do not want to see only tourist spots, staying in an apartment is an attractive option. Having access to a kitchen allows you to try cooking on your own, or having a restaurant delivery sent to you from new and exciting food spots, and having a laundry machine close allows you to clean your clothes at a fraction of what it would have cost you in a hotel.

But perhaps the most enjoyable thing about renting an apartment, particularly if you are using a service such as LondonEscape, or it’s big sister WorldEscape, is that you are granted the luxury of being a resident in a city that is not your regular town. You are surrounded by a bustling neighborhood that shows you how true Londoners live, an experience you cannot truly enjoy in a hotel.

The Neighborhood

In most cases, tourists in London miss out on quite a lot, deciding to stick only to tourist attractions. But there is so much more to be seen, and the best way to do that is to immerse yourself in one of the many neighborhoods that make up the city.

Each neighborhood, from Mayfair to Marylebone, offers you exciting things to see on a daily basis. Shops, galleries, concert venues, theatre, and even park attractions are the norm, and when you stay in one of these neighborhoods, you are more apt to find an experience that you would not have been made aware of while staying at a hotel.
With great sites like LondonEscape and WorldEscape, who have over a decade’s worth of experience in placing visitors in apartments, you will find a safe, secure apartment with all the amenities that you need, right in the heart of the city. Compare prices — and advantages — of staying at a London apartment right now, and book your next trip today.

The Ashley Madison Scandal: This Might be Only the Beginning

An article recently appeared in The New York Post titled “The Storm Isn’t Over Yet for Ashley Madison Cheaters”. The widely-publicized Ashley Madison cheating scandal was initially an issue of breached data but it soon ballooned into something much bigger.

The New York Times article details how millions of Ashley Madison members have received threatening emails since news of the scandal broke. The emails in question were often a form of extortion, demanding that users cough up hundreds of dollar to in exchange for keeping their possible indiscretions from being exposed to friends, colleagues and family members.

News of the data breach broke in August 2015 when registered users of the Ashley Madison website were notified that sophisticated hackers gained access to personal information. It is believed that the same group responsible for the initial data breach, Impact Team, is also responsible for sending extortion emails and social media messages to current and former members. In the article, a former Ashley Madison user was interviewed stating he was worried his wife would find out he was affiliated with the infamous cheating website. At the time that news of the scandal broke, the user was in the process of repairing his marriage and had deleted his user account nearly a year prior, though hackers had access to user data anyway. His level of concern was so high in fact that he reached out to an online reputation management firm in as a form of damage control.

On the front line of this scandal is Status Labs, a PR firm that handles online reputation management. Status Labs a premier online reputation management company and the company is frequently the first go-to when a major scandal breaks. From fortune 500 companies to individuals, Status Labs has a long track record for successfully minimizing the damage that these scandals typically cause. Status Labs uses the latest technology to scrub a person’s or company’s online presence. The process used by Status Labs essentially removes traces of online behavior that can be potentially viewed as damaging.

The CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, also gave free advice in the article from adjusting your privacy settings to never exchanging financial information when confronted by an online extortionist. Fisher believes that our online privacy should be taken much more seriously than it currently is and eh urges those with a reputation to protect to be more vigilant when it comes to online privacy.

Guide to Wikipedia

Today, Wikipedia has become one of the most sought out sources of information. That’s because anyone and everyone can create content as well as edit what’s already written. While this definitely offers a lot of perks to readers, there are also drawbacks. Thanks to this, information can be written that is completely false. Thankfully, though, Wikipedia has created a system to prevent this from happening.

For instance, some pages on Wikipedia feature a lock icon on the top right. This means that the information can be edited, but what’s written must first get the approval of an editor. Wikipedia does this so that the most important pages are never tampered with. If you see a page that you want to contribute to, you will have to click the edit request button and submit what you want to draft up. If the editor likes your piece, it will be added to the page. If not, the information won’t appear.

While Wikipedia is a very simple system, some businesses and individuals would rather not deal with it. In these cases, those people can hire Get Your Wiki. For those that don’t know, Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing company that offers many services. First off, you can make a Wikipedia page from monitored heavily. Each day, a team of veteran Wikipedia editors will take a look at your page so that if anything false is added, it can be removed right away. These editors want to maintain your or your company’s integrity.

Another service that Get Your Wiki offers is a translation tool. Wikipedia has users from all over the globe, and guidelines and rules are different everywhere. What’s acceptable in the United States may not be okay in Japan. These editors will make sure to not only create content in the appropriate language, but also keep your site running for where it’s targeted.

Wikipedia is a great source of information for today’s times. However, there is a lot that goes into it. Get Your Wiki works to make this whole process as easy as possible. With their help, you and your business will be left with content that has reliable sources. The content will also be formatted correctly so that your page runs smoothly all the time. Get Your Wiki really does have the power to make your Wikipedia page stand out. After all, this will help your online reputation greatly.

AnastasiaDate Is Where To Start Dating in Russia

The media has a lot to do with shaping minds and opinions. In most cases, people believe what they see in the media. Very few will take some time to confirm if the media is telling the truth or not. Almost all the time people move with the flow and don’t ask questions. It is almost as if what the media says is the gospel truth. So much has been said about dating in Russia, and many believe that Russian women are very pretty and fun to date, and it is this belief that is driving more and more people to Russian dating sites. Many want to at least try dating in Russia but have no idea of where to start.

Dating in Russia is very easy to do, and one can start on AnastasiaDate website. This is an online dating company that connects people across the globe. Anastasia Date has been in the dating business for years, so if one is looking for a company with experience, then Anastasia Date should be at the top of the list. Anastasia Date has its head office in North America. Anastasia Date  is a big company, and it has branch offices in Russia and even china. There over 20 million international users on the Anastasia Date instagram, and it’s because of the many ladies and stories why they have remained the best in the industry.

There is no need to be scared about the online dating process. It is a process that one gets used to very quickly, and many have embraced this form of dating. Unlike the earlier days when it was considered strange to date online, now it’s considered normal. Yes, there are security issues involved with online dating, but Anastasia Date has taken all security problems into account. All members are verified, and privacy is guaranteed. When one gives personal information on Anastasia Date, it is protected and not given to third parties without permission.

All one needs to do to start dating in Russia is to sign up with AnastasiaDate. It can be intimidating to start chatting with a few members, especially if online dating is a new concept. One can easily learn to use the AnastasiaDate website. It is also important for one to believe in themselves, no one wants to date someone who is not sure about who they are. A little confidence, patience, time and a positive attitude can go a long way in this arena.

The Great Beneful Caper

Yes, there were four dogs involved in the caper. Snappy “Fluff-Face” McTerrier, Johnny “DangerTooth” Doberman, Jimmy “The Legs” VonDachsund, and Morgan the Mutt. They planned the heist very carefully. One day at the dog park, as their owners were involved in the brusque human barking characteristic of their breed, all four canines got together under the sandy tire and burped up the keys they’d purloined. Morgan the Mutt hid them in his collar, and the next night, when all the owners were asleep, these canine miscreants sneaked out various doggy doors and basement windows, coming together in the parking lot of the local super market for one last heist.
“It almost reminds me of our first job when I was just a puppy,” Snappy yipped.
“No nostalgia!” Johnny Doberman sniffed in a Germanic bark.
“I want my Kibble!” Jimmy VonDachsund put in.
Meanwhile Morgan the Mutt gave a short bark, and said: “Listen, Mutts. If we’re going to get that dog food, we have to work together as a team. The target is Beneful, because that stuff is the best. It’s made with all natural ingredients, it’s healthy, and it’s good for what ales you. My human’s been feeding me the generic variety for months, and then I get hit with the newspaper every time I burp up on his sandals. Well it’s not my fault and I’m tired of it! Remember the target, mutts! Now move out!”
And the dogs slunk to the back door, where the keys were used to open the service slider, and several hundred pounds of Purina dog food were purloined in a matter of hours.
The next day the papers had only speculations, and no one knew how the Great Dog Food Heist had been carried out–except for four self-satisfied canines that now knew they’d never deal with that off-brand shenaniganery again!
Okay, that story is fictional – but give a dog a bone, eh? Purina Beneful is full of natural ingredients that are healthy for your dog, and so delicious your puppy may just want to plan a heist to the local supermarket if they’re not fed in time! Purina is a trusted brand, and they’ve spared no expense ensuring Beneful is a premiere option for your four-footed family members. Beneful had a budget of over forty million dollars in 2013, just to ensure the formula was correct, that canines enjoyed the taste, that advertising was properly conducted, and that the finished product was affordable. Purina has competitive rates, but they deliver a superior product, and dogs the world over howl with glee when Beneful is brought to their dish.
Yes, Jimmy the Dachsund and Morgan the Mutt may be fictional heist-dogs; but believe that the canine in your house has made just so intricate plans! So save the poor guy some time, eh? Beneful from Purina is just one of many professionally tested options formulated to keep dogs happy, healthy, and strong. For many great dog foods at great prices, Purina will deliver.

Purina PetCare Can Get Your Pet’s Attention

I am a huge fan of the Purina Pet Care foods and their website, Purina Newscenter. I guess it would be more accurate to say that my dogs are fans of this brand. It has become their food of choice so I naturally embrace it as well. This has become the only thing that my pets will eat with any type of enthusiasm. I don’t mind though because Purina is affordable. It is also a good choice because it provides the nutrients that many other pet foods neglect to include.

I think that there is a reason to be interested in Purina PetCare if you are pet owner. It has become the food that my dogs seem to crave, and I wanted to know the reason why they craved it so much. A lot of this had to do with the great nutrients that are put in this food. It appears to be a combination of vegetables and blends for animals that are bound to make the pets salivate. I think that my dogs would probably not be that thrilled if I brought home anything else. This is why I decided to do more reading on Purina.

It is interesting that I have become a patron on Purina PetCare because a couple of years ago I was totally unfamiliar with this brand of dog food. I grew up with parents that purchased something called Puppy Chow for dogs. I knew that there are a plethora of brands on the market, but I just didn’t know that dog food had become so complex. There are some mad scientists coming up with some strange creations when it comes to dog food. I think that the people from Purina PetCare really love their jobs. They seem to be interested in creating dog food that is both a lot of fun and nutritious. I have seen the line of dog treats and meals that are provided through the Purina PetCare line. I must admit that this is an impressive amount of dog food choices. I certainly do believe that my pets like to have the ability to choose different brands for their meals. I have purchased a lot of different varieties, and my dogs seem to like all that has been purchased so far. I have not got around to buying all of the different Purina PetCare flavors, but my dogs have tried quite a few flavors.

It is interesting to see this brand evolve as the creators of this brand take on new flavors. I believe that my dogs will continue to try new things that are offered by the Purina PetCare Company. So far the wet and dry dog food has been a hit with my dogs.

Bruce Levenson: A Fighting Team Owner

A former NBA owner, Bruce Levenson, was also the co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson also participated on the NBA Board of Governors in the role of Hawks’ Governor.

Atlanta Hawks LLC was established in 2004 in order to obtain the Atlanta Hawks from The Turner Broadcasting. It contains a group of many businessmen, with Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson as the important partners. The group owns professional basketball teams such as Phillips Arena and Atlanta Hawks. Prior to this whole attempt, Levenson tried to write for Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He is also popular for being a Director of

Among all of these things, he has also been the leader of the foundation called “I Have a Dream”. Levenson went to the Washington University where he was given a Bachelor of Arts degree and, he also became a proud owner of a law degree that he obtained from the American University in Washington, DC.

An interesting fact is his involvement in various philanthropic organizations. Levenson made a huge donation to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and also manages to fund its Bringing the Lessons Home program. The program enables the students with particular knowledge of the Holocaust, and Levenson does everything he can to prepare these students to become the tour guides of the Museum.
Recently, Bruce Levenson made an announcement to the public that he was planning to sell his part in the Hawks team.
As I have already mentioned above, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson worked as the Governor of the Hawks and was one of the main owners since the year 2004. The time limit for the final bids was acknowledged to be on April 10. Nonetheless, it was taken into consideration to be moved, given that there are a few more bids that should be checked. People informed themselves on this whole new process, but the two groups which were here from the beginning were announced the finalists. The two groups had signed agreements before the announcement for non-disclosure in order for them to be certain that they would not have to discuss anything connected to the selling process in public.
It is well known that Steve Kaplan was the first finalist leader. He is the part owner of Grizzlies. The other ones are Erick Thohir, Jason Levien, and Handy Poernomo. The finalist number two is Lionsgate Entertainment’s Mark Rachesky.
This selling process should probably be due to June. Surprisingly, a few months after Levenson’s announcement, the rest of the ownership partners also wanted to sell their parts in the team.
The Philips and Hawks Arena were about to be sold for $800 million, but as the latest information confirms, Antony Ressler has just agreed to buy the Hawks for about $850 million. Furthermore, Steve Koonin, the Hawks and Mike Budenholzer’s CEO and the coach, will remain to be a part of this new group as well as an owner.

The Art Of Impersonation

Impersonation is a rare talent that necessitates one to engage in countless hours of practice. One man who seems to attract impersonators even in death is the Legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson. Michael was a very talented singer and performer who entertained masses. He passed on in the year 2009, but his legacy remains intact. Michael Jackson impersonators are also talented individuals, but one that stands out is 44-year-old Sergio Cortes from Spain.
Sergio Cortes is similar to Michael Jackson from almost every level of comparison starting from physical posture and charisma, voice, looks and dancing abilities. Most people who see Sergio perform on stage have a hard time believing that he’s just an imitator. Sergio Cortes grew up with a talent for performing arts. He became a fan of Michael Jackson at a very young age and took the time to learn his songs and moves. Today, Sergio Cortes works as a talent manager in his hometown of Barcelona.
Cortes has earned the respect and admiration of Michael Jackson fans all around the world since his revelation at a Michael Jackson themed concert in Madrid in the year 2012. He has so far performed in both American continents wooing crowds and making a name for him. As a result, he has a commanding social media presence of Twitter and Facebook as well as trending videos on YouTube. Sergio Cortes is so good he makes people feel like they are experiencing the real Michael Jackson.
Sergio Cortes’ reputation as the best Michael Jackson impersonator is the most befitting way to keep the legacy of an icon that changed the world through music alive. Through Cortes, more generations of Michael Jackson fans will be born and bred. The emergence of Sergio Cortes and other impersonators is a testament to the iconic status of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is proud to have had the rare opportunity in life to be associated with a sensation like Michael Jackson. He acknowledges being able to imitate his hero a great honor in life.
Fans all around the world are reaching out to Sergio Cortes to record a cover album to the late icon’s greatest hits. For the young generation who never had the chance to watch the late Michael Jackson in his element, a video of Sergio Cortes will give you a clue of how great he was.