Top Benefits of Investing In Gold

Gold has been the go-to investment option for most of the world since a long time. It is because of the rising popularity of investing in gold that US Money Reserve has enjoyed so much success. This company came into being because people needed experts to guide them when they chose to invest in precious metals. Not only is US Money Reserve the top distributor of platinum, silver and gold coins in the U.S., it is also staffed by some of the most respected precious metal experts in the industry.

So, what are the top benefits of investing in gold? Here are some great reasons –

Gold Protects Investors From Currency Devaluations – A lot of traders are interested in trading in currencies but they forget that currencies often get devalued. People who deal in foreign exchange always have to find ways to protect their trades from currency devaluation. A great way to do this is by investing in gold since it is immune to such devaluations.

Gold Is An Excellent Hedging Instrument – Traders can only make profits when they balance risk with gains. However, a portfolio must be balanced in such a way that there are no great losses because of big market shifts. A way of getting some equilibrium in a portfolio is by investing in gold. As a hedging instrument, gold is unmatched, even when compared to other precious metals.

Gold Investments Offer Inflation Protection – Countries where inflation rates are fluctuating can always do with some semblance of balance. People living in these countries can protect themselves from inflation by investing in gold. For instance, experts agree that there are chances that inflation might rise in the U.S. Companies like US Money Reserve can help investors invest in gold and protect their savings.

Gold Investment Is Effective Against Uncontrollable Events – There are many events in an economy that are uncontrollable. The market tends to react to these events, inflation rises and so do interest rates. As such, people need a safe option that would never let them down. Gold is that option. Investing in gold is a sure shot way of keeping a tight hold on uncontrollable events.

Gold Investment Is a Great Option For Retirement Savings – People want to have the retirement of their dreams. Some plan for it from an early age and others wait for a long time before they start their savings. Retirement savings should always be in something safe like gold. This is the entire life income and savings of people that is kept aside for a time when regular salaries are not arriving in a household. Gold investment can be an excellent way to secure the future.

These tips can be maximized even further by companies like US Money Reserve that have experts and professionals.

John Textor: Digital Visualization

John Textor is currently the Executive chair of Pulse Evolution Corporation a digital production company that deals in visual digital effects. John graduated from Wesleyan University with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1987. He was among the founder members of Wyndcrest holdings and became managing partner in 1997. In 1999, Mr. Textor was named the director of Baby Universe and The Parent Company, an online retail market for baby products where he became chair in 2002 before rising to CEO in 2005.

In 2006, Textor became Chairman of Digital Domain and its mother company, Digital Domain Media Group where he led the acquisition and subsequent restructuring of the company to Digital Domain Media Group. The pair of companies have produced visual effects for more than 80 companies with 25 of these films coming under John’s watch. Notable films of their production include Real Steel, Transformers, Tron: Legacy and “At World’s End” of the chapter of the hit series Pirates of the Caribbean. But perhaps the most noticeable of Textor’s works is the successful visual production of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button a success that was termed the “Holy Grail of Animation”, a film that earned the company the Visual Effects Award, CLIO adverting awards of 2009 and surprisingly, best make-up given that the character was completely digital.

After his time at Digital Domain, Textor joined Pulse Evolution Corporation, a company that has received international acclaim for its achievements. As the company Chairman, John is responsible for strategic partnerships, partnership in venues and handling relations with major media companies. Currently, he is responsible for developing entertainment properties for a wide range of venues and platforms of technology. He was once engaged in producing the animation Art Story with the aid of Disney’s experienced film maker Aaron Blaise. He was also involved in the making of Ender’s game, the sci-fi fantasy film was released in late 2013.

Pulse Evolution Corporation is responsible for live performances by digital likenesses of deceased artists such as King of Pop Michael Jackson’s appearance at the Billboard Awards of 2014 complete with dancers in the fore and a band in the rear in a performance that moved part of the audience to tears. Hip Hop legend Tupac also gave a performance at the Coachella music festival in 2012. The successful completion of such a project however needs a lot of time and preparation.

Skout out exciting connections across the globe

Meeting people through Skout on a global scale has been an amazing experience for me. I am able to choose interesting geographic locations to begin a friendship or “Shake it up” with a random connection. Skout on is a brilliant way to connect to people that often leads to a face-to-face engagement. The travel feature on Skout allows the user to make a connection when traveling so the user has a friendly face in a foreign place.

The process of obtaining a Skout account is simple, I was able to link my Facebook account to it. Skout requests a profile for user preferences where you choose what basic information to share with others, as well as dating preferences in case a love connection is one click away. Skout takes the information gathered from the basic profile and suggests prospective social connections with similar interests.

If you are looking for new connections outside of the suggestions, you have the opportunity to browse for people close to you geographically or you can “Shake to chat” with random people. Once you have located a profile that sparks your interest, you can “wink” at them or simply begin a chat session.

Skout has a point system that I can use to see who has “winked” at me. Earning points can be done through purchase, surveys, and by allowing others to pay me points to view “backstage photos” which makes me feel empowered when people choose to spend points to view my photos!

Skout has a user friendly website as well as app that is compatible with iOS devices. The app and website always function well with no glitches so I never miss a message from other users. Uploading and scanning through photos are a breeze and great quality. The replies and requests for conversation occur quickly and I am able to engage in several conversations at once.

Skout is also a cutting edge company and always looking for a way to improve and evolve. Skout has launched a new mobile app called “Fuse” which has already ignited my curiosity. With Fuse, users are able to register with their mobile number and no profile requirement. You can join a circle and send a photo that will expire or “burn” in 3, 5, or 10 minutes and will no longer be accessible to others in the group. You also have the choice to allow other users in your circle to know your identity or submit the photo under a “ghost” identity. Knowing that my photos will “burn” and not be kept forever is enticing. Once you join a circle, other users cannot remove you from the circle, although you have the choice to decline the group.

Skout is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and make connections that could last forever. I love how the company is evolving and coming up with new ways to connect to other people. Thank you Skout for being the platform of my social dreams!

Sergio Cortes – A legacy in Pop music

Sergio Cortés Godoy was born in Chile in January 1968, where he was a professional tennis player. As a leading junior player in South American, Cortés won the continental championships in the age groups of 14, 16 and 18. He was also a quarter-finalist in the Geneva Open in 1989.

Cortés competed the competition in just a single Grand Slam event, the 1993 US Open, where he made it to the third round. He won against Dutchman Jacco Eltingh and American Derrick Rostagno, both times in four sets but was then eliminated by Boris Becker in straight sets.

However, in 1993, he won against Magnus Larsson the world number 31 Magnus Larsson at the Lipton Championships in Florida. At the Bogota ATP tournament Cortés made it to the quarter-finals. He defeated Andrei Chesnokov, then the world number 40. He tied six times for the Chile Davis Cup team, with a record of 2-0 in doubles and 5-5 in singles.

On June 25, 2015, six years after the untimely death of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes burst onto the scene in tribute to Michael Jackson. The music legend will live on thanks to Sergio Cortes, considered by fans and experts to be the best impressionist of the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson entered the life of Sergio when he was a child. His mother recalls how he focused on the youngest member of the Jackson 5. Afterward Sergio came to watch TV presentations of the Jackson-5 paying more attention to the boy who was lead singer of the band.

Michael Jackson entered only once in Sergio’s life during the Bands era. At that time Sergio was a teenager and was asked by a reporter to take some pictures characterized as Michael Jackson. The photos were published and were so successful that he received several invitations to work.

Today Sergio Cortés is part of the company Destiny Projects, an entertainment company that specializes in managing artistic development. His career is moving along very well in all areas to include his concerts and special events. His facebook profile is already near full. Sergio Cortes continues to dazzle audiences around the world with his concerts and special appearances.

Four Tips on Proplerly Targeting SEO Keywords: Given by WhiteSharkMedia

SEO keywords are definitely important in marketing, and increase ranking on search engines such as Google. However, SEO keywords should used properly without being over- stuffed and irrelevant. Here are four useful tips to get started, and properly target SEO keywords given by WhiteSharkMedia Blog.
Irrelevant keywords will definitely get you no where in search engines. Finding the proper keywords is crucial, and will help you get started. Finding the proper keywords for your website will also help you to have a good understanding of the problems your website solves. Great tools to help you find the proper and most beneficial keywords for your website are Ubersuggest, Google Trends, and Wordsteam. While these are not the only tools out there that aid in finding the proper keywords they are some of the most preferred tools to use.
1. Listing and Grouping Keywords
Once you have picked your right keywords it is time to group! Categorizing is highly important. You want to make sure that you group all of the keywords according to the purpose of the website page that it is on. Make the purpose of the website page be correctly matched with the correct keyword. Do not include keywords on one of your website pages that is irrelevant to the purpose of the page. Which is why categorizing each keywords to correspond with the purpose of that specific website page is highly important.
2. Keywords in the Titles
Always be sure that your headlines and titles that contain keywords are accurately aimed at solving the intended problem. Also, adding geo- targeting keywords will greatly help to increase rankings on search engines.
3. Synonyms! Variations!
Search engines do comprehend synonyms and different variations of keywords. Use these to your advantage, and include them into your text if you would like! Just remember to keep the intent consistent with the original keywords.

WhiteSharkMedia has successfully helped many small business increase conversions, and have satisfied countless business clients for many years. WhiteSharkMedia works primarily on providing top quality Adwords management for small businesses, as well as large corporations.
WhiteSharkMedia also is proud to be a SMB and Premier Partner. WhiteSharkMedia is a proud Premier SMB Partner, and takes pride in meeting all of Google’s requirements regarding training and eligibility. WhiteSharkMedia has only received raving reviews, and is proven to provide excellent Adwords for small and large business alike.

Doe Deere’s Beauty Products

I absolutely love beauty products. Whether it is the latest lotion, lipstick, or great new eyeliner, I want to know what the very best beauty products available are. I also love masks. Masks are so fun and they always leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. My favorite is an avocado mask.

When I go shopping for new beauty products, I have a bit of a ritual. I tend to shop online first. I look for sales, I look for newly launched beauty products, and I look for my favorite products and stores. After that, I hit the shops. I go to in store beauty product shops to check out what they have to offer. Oftentimes, I find some really great deals and sometimes even get complimentary in store makeovers. Sometimes I go alone, sometime I bring a friend or a family member.

In my search, I recently discovered Lime Crime beauty products. This brand really captured my attention for its uniqueness and its bold colors. The founder Doe Deere is an artist who makes a story behind every product. She invents new colors and really stands behind creating a makeup line for people who want to make a fashion statement. It is a beauty product line for ladies who really like to stand out while looking their best. I admire Doe Deere’s vision and drive. She was able to completely brand her makeup line on the internet!

Because I love beauty products so much I have actually thought about starting my own line of beauty products. I have also thought about becoming a makeup artist. Being creative with makeup is fun for me. I see it much like an artist painting on a blank canvass. I love creating new looks and being inspired by looks that are already seen on runways and in magazines.

I have already helped do makeup for some relatives and friends. They asked me to help them for big events like weddings and I really loved the experience. I even started to research how much makeup artists should charge. I mean if I could become a makeup artist for a living, that would be amazing. I would love to be a go to makeup beauty products expert to all my friends, family, and future clients.

I do my research beyond pricing and newest looks and products. I will find out which beauty products are organic with animal free ingredients. Supporting what is right is very important to me. I try my best to always be aware of my footprint and my impact. I want to help inspire others to do the right thing as people like Doe Deere have inspired me to continue to go after my dreams.

I think I will probably hit the mall or the shops again this weekend. I am still trying to decide what path I will take career wise, but in the meantime, there is always a new great shade of lipstick to get my hands on.

The Early Life of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson on is known for his ownership and sale of the Atlanta Hawk’s and the Philip’s Arena, but his early life shaped him for great things.

Levenson was born into a Jewish family in Washington, D.C., and spent all of his youth in the state of Maryland. When it was time to attend college, he chose Washington University in St. Louis for his studies in law. At the time, he attended night school and became active with the Washington Star. With an interest in law, it was no surprise that Levenson wanted to try his hand at journalism.

The business life of Levenson is impressive, having co-founded United Communications Group in 1977 along with Ed Peskowitz. Both businessmen were based in Maryland, and the company headquarters were right inside the apartment that Bruce Levenson was living in. His interest in journalism served him well, as he began to create his newsletter about the oil industry. Oil Express was his written work that was designed to keep everyone informed of the latest happenings in the oil industry. As the newsletter grew in popularity, his company, UCG, began to purchase other newsletters along with the databases that they were in.

Levenson knew that information won the day, and with the power of databases in the oil industry, he knew that the capability was far reaching if he chose to purchase other newsletters as well. Other industries he took interest in included mortgage banking, technology, healthcare, and even energy.

With the leverage of information and databases, Levenson also took the trend of mobile apps and created Gas Buddy, the mobile app that helps you find the lowest gas prices in town. The genius behind this mobile app has driven Levenson to focus more on information than anything else.

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks was most likely a smart move for Levenson that will allow him to focus on other endeavors. He currently serves as the Board of Directors for Tech Target, and he was previously an adviser for BIA Digital Partners. This private equity firm was just one of the many ways in which Levenson showed his love of working in information and technology.

Today, Levenson chooses to focus on philanthropy and has been heavily involved with the Hoop Dreams Foundation as well as the Community Foundation of Washington. Despite his millions made, he is using the money and his time to help children from low-income families. While training them to be tour guides at his museum, the lessons of his Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. are reaching far more than he can imagine.

It should be noted that in 2013, Levenson wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Israel to urge him to do anything possible to bring peace to the world.

A Slyce of Style in the Kitchen

Since my family and I have become more health conscience, we are experiencing the joy of home cooking rather than eating in restaurants all the time. We have the opportunity to know the sources of our food and how our meals are prepared. We choose healthier, whole foods and do not buy the overly-processed junk on a lot of supermarket shelves.

To make things easier for us, we decided to revamp our kitchen cooking supplies. We wanted efficiency when it came to space and equipment. As for any project, we needed the right tools for the job. This equipment would make cooking easier and more successful. We wanted kitchen essentials that served many functions and were the best quality for our budget. We made a list of things we wanted to purchase and began with pots and pans. We had to choose if we wanted cast iron, stainless steel, or enamel ware.

There are many choices of pots and pans available on the market. They come in an endless array of styles, colors, and materials. These items can be modestly priced or may cost hundreds of dollars. We wanted the best quality that we could afford. While we could have been tempted to buy cheaper products, we knew that they would not last as long and would soon need to be replaced. We saw buying our pots and pans as a good investment.

Secondly, we considered some useful electronic gadgets for our kitchen. Our electric can opener had seen better days and needed replacing. We loved preparing home-grown fruits and vegetables and decided that we needed a new food processor to help with all the chopping and blending. We also wanted to purchase a quality juicer to make homemade smoothies. My wife also mentioned that she would like to have an emulsion blender for mixing things right on the stove.

We did a lot of our shopping with the help of Slyce. This smartphone application on visual search let us take pictures of things we liked in our favorite magazines and would show us where we could buy the item or something comparable. It is absolutely amazing! We used our phone to find exactly what we wanted for our new kitchen.

Slyce does not need a bar code or even packaging. All we had to do was to take the pictures and Slyce showed us what we wanted. Slyce can also recognize paint brands and other interior decoration items. We took a lot of pictures of different styles we liked and Slyce gave us suggestions on different websites. We were able to get the new equipment we wanted plus some things for our new kitchen design. Thanks to Slyce, we have the kitchen that we have always wanted.

Christian Broda in Economists and their Role in Economic Development

Economics is one of the fundamental principles holding together the society as it deals with the allocation of the limited available resources. When fighting the war on the type of goods to produce, how to produce it and to what recipients, economists come in to help the government solve this problem. Economists provide informed ideas and decisions to the government to allocate the scarce resources in equity and at the same time achieve economic growth. They, therefore, throw in attempts at curbing problems such as inflation and unemployment through the establishment of policies and strategies bent towards improving economic welfare. Some of their strategies can be balancing of the budget and increasing or reducing the imposed taxes according to the economic situation of a country.

For economists like Christian Broda on wallstreetjournal to make accurate decisions on what advice to give or the right predictions, they have to collect a lot of information, carry out aggressive and objective research and properly understand the economic relationships. Feasibility study is a fundamental starting point. They are then able to make recommendations based on the implications of the outcome of their research and appropriately make correct forecasts in future market trends. It is this information that they share with the government and corporations. Their arsenal consists of sophisticated computer programs and software, advanced statistical analysis skills and presentation models. Great economists have a way of finding out just what’s right for their countries’ economies.

Christian Broda is an example of such people with adequate knowledge in the economy to carry out the precise economist duties. He is a scholar holding a masters degree and Ph.D. in MIT in addition to being a renowned economist. His current career is with Duquesne Capital Management, a hedge fund management company in America. He is at the same time actively engaged in economic publications in the American Economic Review where he provides his well-researched strategies and ideas on development policies for the American economy. His work has been in the spotlight even in newspapers mainly the Economist and New York Times. He also worked with the American Economic Association and as associate editor for IMF Economic review. Clearly Christian has immense knowledge and expertise in matters pertaining to economics. Mr. Christian’s hard work and determination has enabled him succeed as an economist; he is a great inspiration to all the young aspiring economists who don’t know how and where to start from.

Economists can, therefore, be said to have a role to play in shaping the future of a country. Their findings and research can aid in economic growth if properly put into perspective. They are obligated to come up with monetary and fiscal policies in models showing a rough picture of history in resource flow and allocation. These models by economists depict a clear image of a country’s advancement over a period of time and from them motivation can be derived to work harder to come up with a full proof plan to change the status quo. All in all economists play a major role in a country’s economy, without them, a country’s economy will be paralyzed.

Joseph Bismark Lands asPire Magazine Feature

For Joseph Bismark there are very few moments in the day where he is not busy in a mental or physical way. The founding Director of QI Group has made a career out of being spiritually and physically centered. He has so capably fended off the casual stresses of business life that he has become something of a counter culture icon in the business world. His routine has kept him young, rested, and healthy and that got the attention of asPire Magazine, as reported by Reuters. We took a peak into the day to day life of one of Singapore’s most influential business men and found that he had a schedule that puts most of us to shame and, to top it off, he enjoys it.

If you want to stay centered in a physical and mental way then you might be better off following Bismark’s advice in this realm. Joseph Bismark proclaimed that it is best to immerse yourself in “as many physical and mental activities” as possible. It is his belief, and one that can be dated back for centuries, that a busy mind is a sharp one. So Bismark fills up his daily schedule with activities even when he isn’t at the office, which is somewhat of a striking change of pace as compared to the rest of the Western world.

When Bismark isn’t at the office and handling his employees in his own unique way, he is either spending time at the Singapore School of Yoga and Meditation or he is working out his body in ways that push it to the limit while keeping him refreshed afterwards. We’ll look at Singapore’s affinity for Yoga first.

Bismark starts his day with Yoga practices set to pre-recorded chants and mantras that he keeps uploaded onto a Soundcloud account. He also heads off to the School in order to train new students and learn new forms for himself. Bismark knows that Yoga is something you cannot master and must always push forward in order to stay educated. He reads books, talks to other students, and tries desperately to always be improving himself.

On the physical side of things Bismark is an avid cyclist and swimmer. These two exercises are among the most intense forms of cardio and endurance training available. They no doubt help keep his energy up during those long hours at hte office while also toning his body and keeping it fit.