The Endless River Marks The End Of Pink Floyd

One of the most successful recording groups of all time seems to finally have reached the end of the road with their latest and reportedly final album, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The first Pink Floyd release since 1993’s Division Bell is The Endless River, an album created from over 20 hours of session work completed for Division bell that remained unreleased. Movie executive Tom Rothman is already planning out how to get Pink Floyd a final documentary feature on The Endless River.

Lead guitarist David Gilmour explained the album will mark the end of Pink Floyd, largely because The Endless River includes the last work keyboard player Rick Wright completed with the band before his death. Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason returned to the Division Bell sessions and were shocked at the quality of the music left off the album in 1993, the pair recorded new guitar and drum parts to accompany the keyboards of Wright.

Gilmour went on to state he does not see a return for Pink Floyd in the recording studio or as a live performance, largely because of the importance of Wright’s keyboards to the sound of the band. Bass player and founding Pink Floyd member Roger Waters does not play on The Endless River and Gilmour believes he would not wish to return to the band helef t over 30 years ago.

Marvel Announces ‘Black Panther’ Feature Film

Marvel Studios hosted a mystery event at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday October 28. The mystery turned out to be the unveiling of Phase 3 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Nine movies will comprise Phase 3, and among them will be the eagerly awaited Black Panther solo movie.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, announced Black Panther will make his debut in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. That appearance will lead into the Black Panther feature film.

Marvel also announced that Chadwick Boseman will star as T’Challa, King of Wakanda (a.k.a. Black Panther). Boseman joined Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans on stage at the event to commemorate the news. Boseman has previously starred as Jackie Robison in 42.

According to Deadline, Boseman has signed a 5 picture deal with the studio. That means T’Challa will be hanging around the Marvel Universe for some time after the dust settles from Civil War. As king of his home country, Black Panther is an excellent candidate for a leadership role depending on which superheroes are left in the Avengers. As Phase 3 unfolds, we can expect Black Panther to play a significant role in the story.

Black Panther opens in theaters November 3, 2017 and I’ve already got the date saved on my FreedomPop tablet. Who’s with me?

Suicide Squad Movie to get a Female Villain?

The announcements from DC have refused to slow down, despite the fact that we are a year and a half away from their next major movie release. Following the release of dates for their upcoming franchise movies, it seems DC is moving quickly with finding appropriate casts. They have already cast leads for The Flash and Aquaman, but actors for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie are yet to be confirmed.

Reports suggest that there will be an A-list team of actors and actresses teaming up for the suicide squad movie. The likes of Tom Hardy and Will Smith have been mentioned by many creditable sources. Now there is news that DC wishes to cast a female villain for the movie. Finding a villain for a movie full of villains will be a challenge, but rumors suggest DC and WB are looking at English model turned actress Cara Delevingne.

It is unclear whether these rumors have a basis in fact, but they come from decent sources. The English model is still an acting novice, but it seems she has lined up quite a number of promising projects. She played a small role in the 2012 film Anna Karenina, while she is due to star in Pan, Paper Towns and The Face of an Angel.  I’m just hoping it’s Harley Quinn.  She has the look, and Harley needs to be in this movie in some capacity.  Christian Broda and I are in total agreement that she’s the best member of the Suicide Squad.

Casting an acting novice for such a major role may be a risk for WB and DC, but they have taken similar risks before. If Delevingne is being chosen from the part, they must have been impressed by her audition. One actor who will definitely be in the movie is Jesse Eisenberg. The “Social Network” actor will feature as Lex Luthor, after his exploits in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Neil Patrick Harris to Host New Variety Show on NBC

Neil Patrick Harris has finally scored the hosting opportunity to end all hosting opportunities. In addition to his upcoming Oscar run, NBC has bought an NPH variety show to premiere in 2015, which has me and Marnie Bennett super excited.

It will be based on the current UK hit, Saturday Night Takeaway, although it will receive a different name and a different night. Saturday’s aren’t great for American television and NBC already has Saturday Night Live.

While variety shows were the hit of the ‘60s and ‘70s, recent history hasn’t looked so kindly on the genre. Even so, there was reportedly a bidding war to get a piece of Harris’ variety show.

The final deal between Harris and NBC included $2.5 million for each episode.

If you aren’t sure why a Neil Patrick Harris variety show makes sense, check out his opening number to the 2013 Tony Awards. It should give you a good idea of things to come.

Rumors Swirl About Skyline 2

Skyline opened to low box office numbers and negative reviews, but that didn’t stop the sci-fi film from grossing more than $70 million in the United States alone. The film, which starred Eric Balfour and Brittany Daniel, told the story of an alien invasion in Los Angeles. Fans of the original film and fans of sci-fi films in generally eagerly await any news about the potential sequel, and while rumors swirl, there are a few things the industry knows for sure will happen.

Liam O’Donnell Will Direct

An early poster for the sequel hit Facebook in May of 2014. The film, titled Beyond the Skyline, seems to tell the story of what happened after the events of the first movie. According to the Internet Movie Database, Liam O’Donnell will direct the sequel. Best-known as the writer of the first film, he will also pen the second film. O’Donnell confirmed that he finished the final draft of the film with Mike Livak and that the sequel is in pre-production.

No Returning Stars

Though several of the characters from the first film survived that movie, industry reports indicate that none of the stars will return for the sequel. Frank Grillo who starred in Captain America: The Winter Solider, is one of the names attached to the film. Grillo remains mum on the topic, but many Hollywood insiders claim that he’s close to signing an agreement to star in the film.

Skyline 2, also known as Beyond the Skyline, has a tentative release date for summer of 2015. Though the film is still in pre-production, fans will likely hear some new rumors and information in the coming months.

Ryan Reynolds Says Goodbye to Green Lantern

DC knew that if it wanted to compete with Marvel that it needed some big names in its iconic roles. The company went with Ryan Reynolds for its big budget adaptation of the Green Lantern comic book series, but it didn’t take long before the studio realized that it made some big casting errors. Though the film made more than $50 million in its opening weekend, it lost money on its $200 million budget. It isn’t surprising then that when the company discussed a new Green Lantern film that it decided to go with a different actor.

Marvel and DC are the two biggest competitors in the comic book world, and that competitive nature carried over to the film world as well. After playing Cyclops in two X-Men films, actor James Marsden moved to DC for a role in Superman Returns. When he came back to DC, he found his role in the next X-Men film significantly reduced. Reynolds jumped from Marvel to DC after starring in Wolverine: Origins, which led to the studio holding off on producing a standalone Deadpool film. Though the studio still plans to release that film in a partnership with Tom Rothman and TriStar Pictures, Reynolds won’t return to DC for a Green Lantern movie.

Green Lantern received mixed reviews at the box office, and many fans weren’t happy with the comedic slant that Reynolds added to the character. Though DC originally planned to release several more Green Lantern films, those plans never came to fruition. With upcoming Justice League and Green Lantern films planned for the future, some wondered if Reynolds would return. The studio recently announced that it would hire a new actor to play the role, leaving Reynolds out.

Looks Like We’re Going To Be Getting A Lot More Harry Potter Films

There’s a growing trend in the film industry, to establish an onscreen universe and keep it going for as long as possible. Marvel set the bar with their cinematic universe, and now DC Comics is also following suit with the announcement of their 10 film schedule through 2020.

But the latest to join in on the trend is Harry Potter. We all know and love the first 8 films, and most of us know about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Which is set to be another adventure in the Harry Potter universe.

But WB just announced that Fantastic Beasts will be a trilogy at least. With the possibility of more movies to follow. Definitely leaves the big Potter fans like Brad Reifler interested in what’s to come. But I hope the plot can keep up. There were so many Harry Potter movies because there was a great plot.

With a name like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I hope there’s still substance, and not just a wand waving special effects fest.