Will Forte Calls MacGruber 2 as his Next Project

When MacGruber was released in theaters, it was not a very successful release. however, over the years, it has gained quite a following. Now, Will Forte states that MacGruber 2 is his next project.

MacGruber originally started off as a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch which makes fun of action characters of TV shows such as MacGuyver. In each skit, MacGruber messes things up in a fatal way and that’s the brilliance says Jason Halpern.

The MacGruber movie that was released in 2010 starred Will Forte, Kristen Wigg, and Ryan Philippe. Val Kilmer starred as the antagonist. It poked fun of action stars of the past and their apparent narcissism (more apparent in the extended edition). Another aspect of this film is that it goes into juvenile toilet humor. However, this is part of what makes it funny. Will Forte does have a sitcom that is being released starring Will Forte, called The Last Man on Earth. The making and release of MacGruber 2 depends on the success of the upcoming sitcom.

Of course, more will be revealed about the project as time goes on. Even at this point, it doesn’t seem like MacGruber 2 is going to happen.

Anticipation Grows for “Suicide Squad” version of The Joker

Actor Jared Leto will play Batman’s archnemesis, the Joker, in the upcoming 2016 comic book film “Suicide Squad.” This will be the Joker’s first appearance in a live action film since Heather Ledger’s legendary and iconic performance as the Clown Prince of Crime in 2008’s “The Dark Knight”. According to Screenrant, rumors are swirling that the Joker will spend most of the film in a prison, before possibly gaining his freedom near the end of the film. “Suicide Squad” will also feature the first live action theatrical film appearance of Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, the Joker’s female sidekick in the “Batman” comic book universe.

BNY Mellon has said that the “Suicide Squad” director David Ayers said on Twitter that Jared Leto’s version of the Joker will be “majestic.” The Joker is known more for chaos than majesty, so his comments have added more fuel to the fire as fans anticipate how Leto’s interpretation of the character could be different than what has been seen before. Recent set photos of Leto without his ubiquitous long hair and beard have also stoked speculation.

“Suicide Squad” will take place in the same universe as the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” film, and this may lead to Batman and the Joker facing each other on the silver screen again in a solo movie in the future

Is Something Funny Going On With Terminator: Genysis?

Oh no, a copy of the screenplay for Terminator: Genysis has leaked and reports are suggesting the script is a bit funnier than previous entries. Then again, other than a few humorous one-liners and funny sequences, the films were rather serious sci-fi endeavors. The first entry in the series, in particular, was extremely dark, brooding, and violent.

Recent reports about the leaked script noted the film is actually quite good. Positive news put a few concerns to rest. Fans did not like the concept of the alternate universe ending. The oddball trailers did little to lead fans to think the film is going to be any good. Rumors about the script being “funnier” than earlier entries in the series probably led to a collective groan among the numerous fans of the series.

We do have to take a lot of the negative reports about the screenplay with a grain of salt. For one, how does anyone know the leaked scripts are the actual shooting scripts. “Final drafts” of a lot of major motion pictures end up substantially changed by the time a movie ends up in theaters.

The media might even be choosing to play games with the producers of the film. Perhaps stirring up a little bit of drama and controversy about the new film may create a buzz that draws in readers.

Eventually, Paul Mathieson said we’ll find out whether or not the fifth installment in the franchise is worth the price of admission.

Tomb Raider Reboot Underway

Tomb Raider has been a successful and popular franchise ever since it was released in 1996. It had multiple games and even a couple of movies starring Angelina Jolie. It was a staple on the Sony Playstation and the PC.

The story of the games involved Lara Croft traveling through different lands and facing off against mercanaries as well as natives. After the first two Tomb Raider movies were released, the movie franchise pretty much closed. Of course, as with other franchises reported by Economia, there is talk of a reboot to the series. Recent news involves the teaming up of MGM with Warner Bros as they attempt to get the production on the new Tomb Raider film going.

The story of the film is going to be based on the storyline that the Tomb Raider game reboot presented when it was released in 2013. Of course a younger actress is going to take on the role of Lara Croft.

Creed Storyline Takes Place

Looks like 2006 was not going to be the last time we saw Rocky Balboa. Rocky Balboa was a perfect ending to the series. However, there was admittedly a story that was pretty much not addressed after Rocky IV. This story involved the family of Apollo Creed. This is where Creed comes in. The story follows Apollo Creed’s youngest son, who has never known his father. The only thing he has seen of his father Apollo Creed was the fights on video, possibly including the final fight with Drago. His brothers told him stories as well.

While some fans are not looking forward to a Rocky spinoff, there are some good things to consider with spin off said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Sylvester Stallone is going to return as the Italian Stallion, making this like a part 7. However, Rocky Balboa himself is going to be battling something a lot greater than what he has ever faced in the ring. He is in bad condition.

There is no telling what other characters might be making an appearance in the film. Rocky is likely going to be taking on the role of Mickey as a trainer. There is a lot of opportunity to make it work. Rocky himself could be facing guilt from the death of his former rival turned friend and could wind up training Adonis Creed out of that sense of guilt.

More will be revealed about Creed.

Jamie Dornan Staying with Christian Grey

Reviews have been somewhat mixed about the big screen product that arrived from the popular “50 Shades of Grey” book series. However, the film has managed to draw some serious box office clout with more than $400 million in receipts so far, which means the sequel machine to finish out the series is getting ready to crank into high gear. The main issue for the movies has been whether or not the main character would need to be filled by another actor.

Luckily, the star of the 50 Shades movie is ready to give the sequels a go. According to Screen Rant, Jamie Dornan, who brought Christian Grey to life, is ready to stick with the franchise as it explores the further adventures of the character. Brian Torchin says that rumors were persisting that Dornan was going to abandon the role in part to concerns from his wife that the content was too racy.

The news puts those rumors to rest, which is good news for the sequels. The rest of the series explores some interesting themes, and if fans are able to keep seeing the same actor on the screen, it will remove any kind of confusion about who exactly Christian Grey is. Plus, keeping the original actor in the role prevents any type of negative press, which is a big win for the franchise. The question is whether or not fans will stick with the movie franchise, and the only way to find out is to make another movie.

Ruling Made in John Textor Court Case

New York’s Supreme Court judge has ruled that they are ending a lawsuit against John Textor who was the former Chief Executive Officer of the Company Digital Domain Media Group. The Supreme Court ruled against the investors that said Digital Domain Media Group filed false information with their investors. The Judge found that there was nothing to prove that Digital Domain Media Group was responsible for any type of financial fraud and that they did not give out false information about their finances to investors. The judge also concluded that all information that was released to the SEC was realistic, fair and reasonable. They now have to give reimburse Mr. Textor all the money back that he spent on court costs and attorney’s fees.

The court also ruled against Mr. Abbey’s law firm that had filed multiple charges against John Textor and his associates from DDMG. They allegations were just simply a copycat lawsuit that had no basis whatsoever. The Court said that evidence proved that Digital Domain Media Group did accurately give its company’s financial information and that there were no false projections of their finances. There was no evidence of any fake or hidden financial information. This was true for Mr. Textor, their management, and their directors.

For more information on this story, check out an in depth profile in the Palm Beach Post.

The Antique Wine Company: A True Dedication to Fine Wine

The Antique Wine Company (founded in 1982) is a reputable fine wine and spirits merchant. The company’s main office is in Marylebone, London in the United Kingdom. Wine connoisseur Stephen Williams is the company CEO. As a global merchant, The Antique Wine Company has a couple of sales locations abroad, too, specifically in Hong Kong and in the Philippines.

The Antique Wine Company has a prominent spot in the vast world of the international wide trade. This is due to a combination of solid branding, considerable stock holdings and extensive customer and supplier interactions.

The company’s wine lovers and experts are big fans of antique wines which is reflected in their name. Although they’re indeed antique wine enthusiasts, they don’t exclusively trade vintage wines. The company primarily trades fine wines that were made in more recent times. Despite that, they also have a strong selection of fine wines that were made in distant decades such as the 1970s. The overall objective at The Antique Wine Company is to purchase and sell wines that are of excellent quality, regardless of whether or not they’re classified as being vintage.

The merchant’s cellars stock thousands and thousands of bottles of fine spirits and wines. Trading wines isn’t their sole specialty, however. The Antique Wine Company also offers a number of other services that pertain to wine. The company’s wine academy, for example, concentrates on giving wine courses and masterclasses. The company’s knowledgeable wine aficionados also work alongside wine cellars in hotels, restaurants, homes and chateaux around the world in key matters such as cellar management, cellar design and wine storage. Fine wine investment is yet another strong focus at The Antique Wine Company.

The Antique Wine Company‘s trading bodies merged in 2013. This joining was for the creation of AWC Global PLC. This United Kingdom public limited company is presently working on moving into growing and standard wine markets located all over the planet. This process is going to require several years to complete.

The merchant serves as a source of fine wine for many. Not only does The Antique Wine Company supply fine spirits and wines to individual consumers, but they also supply it to dining establishments, resorts, hotels and other kinds of organizations all around the world. They supply it to the international wine market, as well.

Wine lovers who wish to stay in the loop on The Antique Wine Company’s latest news updates can follow the merchant’s activities via their official Twitter account.

Bruce Campbell: Deadites Romp Zombies

The original Evil Dead (1981) is sometimes referred to as one of the original zombie films. That assessment is off the mark. Yes, the evil creatures from the film and its sequels are the living dead, but they are not zombies. The once departed humans return to the land of the living as host body vessels for evil spirits. Bullets to the brain aren’t going to stop them by any stretch. Bruce Campbell has decided to set the record straight a bit about the difference between the Evil Dead and the zombie hordes.

He pulls no punches. In his words and world, “deadites” are tougher, meaner, and better than zombies. When Ash vs. Evil Dead debuts on Starz, horror fans are going to find out whether or not his assessment is true.

Fans at Rocketfuel know one thing that makes the Evil Dead so, well, evil is their malicious nature. They are not shuffling vessels of undead cannibalism. The Evil Dead are malevolent and vicious. They also seem to have a cruel sense of humor that translates into tormenting human prey. Yes, there is a sense of nihilism found in the first Evil Dead film and its remake. The nihilism, strangely, gave way to slapstick in Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.

All that slapstick is going to return in the form of a half-hour sitcom/horror series. The concept seems preposterous, but it should likely succeed.

The Grateful Dead And Trey Anastasio Let Music Fill The Air In Chicago July 2015

Many musicians dream of that call: We’re getting the band back together! For Phish singer-guitarist, Trey Anastasio, that dream came true; except, it wasn’t his band that was getting back together, it was the Grateful Dead. Phil Lesh, a founding member, asked if he would join their run July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, at Soldier Field in Chicago to celebrate the Grateful Dead’s 50th birthday and to honor the 20th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death. The venue and timing hold a special significance. Soldier Field, July 9th, 1995 was the last time Garcia played with the band. He died exactly one month later on August 9th.

Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that Anastasio is a great choice to accompany the Dead for such an auspicious occasion. Find more about Guimaraes on maquinadoesporte.uol.com.  He has a deep appreciation for their music going back well before he ventured out in 1980 for his first concert. “The flow of the whole thing is in my DNA,” Anastasio claims. Throughout the years there has been a longstanding comparison between Phish and the Grateful Dead that has grown out of their similar free-flowing improvisation during extended jam sessions. Phish has also joined the Dead among the top touring acts grossing more than 30 million in 2014 according to Billboard.com.

A series of shows for the history books, with mail-in interest nearing 500,000, it’s too bad we can’t all be there to hearsongs fill the air!